Charmin Made An XL Roll Of Toilet Paper For Millennials & It Still Wasn’t Enough

I don’t know about you, but I like to be liberal with my toilet paper use. I don’t want to feel like I need to skimp on the loo, as the Brits say, and I like to make sure I’m clean (and yes, I use wipes, as well). I’m an older millennial, but apparently our generation really loves using a lot of TP—so much so that Charmin had to keep creating bigger rolls to accommodate our preferences.

  1. Charmin unveiled the Forever Roll a couple of months back. The Forever Roll was aimed at millennials who live alone and “older consumers,” apparently, and each massive roll was meant to last up to three months but at least a month. OR SO THEY SAY.
  2. The two-pound rolls just weren’t cutting it for millennials. The Forever Roll came in two different size options, and the larger one weighed about two pounds. That’s a whole lot of toilet paper! However, while millennials were buying the biggest roll available, it wasn’t big enough. Um, what is going on with your butts, millennials?!
  3. Now there’s a three-pound version available. This is bigger than the things you find in public restrooms, people. Three pounds of toilet paper is SO MUCH TOILET PAPER. The three-pound TP roll has 50% more sheets than the two-pound Forever Roll, so this should help…
  4. Y’all really want as much TP as you can get. “Our hypothesis was that it would be a slow and gradual trade up to the larger roll, that people would dip their toes in with a small version and make their way up with time,” Rob Reinerman, innovation director for Proctor & Gamble family care, told the Wall Street Journal. “It was the exact opposite.”
  5. The Forever Roll comes with its own holding stand. For $30, you can get a stainless steel holding stand plus three Forever Rolls. It won’t actually last you forever, clearly, but if you don’t go too crazy, it should last you a few months.
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