These Chickens Playing A Xylophone Are The Best Thing You’ll See All Day

When you imagine what chickens get up to on a daily basis, the list probably includes clucking, walking around a farm, maybe laying some eggs… What you don’t imagine is that they’ll decide to band together (literally) and get musical by… playing the xylophone? Well, hang onto your hats, because it’s all happening!

They’re the Empty Next Chickens Band. The video of the chickens playing the xylophone, uploaded to YouTube, shows the instrument attached to the side of the coop. The birds come over to it out of curiosity and begin to peck at it, creating their own little musical creation.

Are they… singing along? In addition to hitting the xylophone, there’s a lot of clucking that comes from the chickens, which makes me feel like they might be singing along to their song. It just gets better and better!

I can’t believe the video is only 16 seconds long! Frankly, this needs to be, like, an hour long. In fact, I’d even take a live stream of the chickens in their coop, just playing the xylophone for hours on end. This is my kind of content.


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