Chris Hemsworth’s Huge Bulge In New Workout Video Is Pretty Distracting…

Chris Hemsworth’s Huge Bulge In New Workout Video Is Pretty Distracting… Instagram/chrishemsworth

Chris Hemsworth has always been dedicated to his fitness. From getting ripped to play Hulk Hogan to offering free online workout classes during the pandemic, the actor clearly values his health. However, fans tuning into one of his latest Instagram workout videos seem to have gotten a sweat on for the wrong reasons, as instead of focusing on the calorie-burning moves, they all seemed distracted by Chris Hemsworth’s huge bulge.

Now listen, we as women hate being objectified by men, and the right to not be ogled should apply to them as well. However, Hemsworth’s huge package was just *right there* in the clip in a way that many of his fans found it too difficult to ignore.

“Good little session. Finishing it strong with some core,” the 39-year-old wrote in the post. The clip showed him doing pushups, Bosu ball squats, pull-ups, and some boxing. It looked to be a great cardio and strength-building session. That is if you were actually paying attention to that.

“I know what part I’m watching, especially in that last one! Now we know where Thor keeps his hammer,” one person joked in the comments. Another quipped, “So they let you keep the hammer?” A third questioned if they were the only one seeing what they think they were. “Are we seeing it or just ignoring it?” they asked.

It was the final exercise in particular that really got many fans’ blood pumping, with one fitness fanatic saying, “Watched it multiple times… that last exercise I swear I could see Thor’s hammer, lucky wife.”

Obviously, it’s a bit immature to focus on Chris Hemsworth’s bulge rather than on the legitimately solid exercise moves he was trying to share with his followers. They could definitely get us all into shape! However, it seems many are happy enough laying on the couch and simply admiring the view. You pervs!

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