These Citronella Succulent Candles Are Great For People Who Can’t Keep Plants Alive

If you’re anything like me, you love the way plants look but never remember to water them. Even when you get a plant that apparently doesn’t need much care, you still manage to kill it. Ugh. Thankfully, I can get the plant aesthetic without worrying about having to upkeep it with these citronella succulent candles.

  1. You get six in a set. All six of the citronella succulent candles are different, meaning you get a nice little varied collection of “plants” to set around your place or even on the table on your backyard deck. Four of them look like succulents and two look like mini cactuses and ALL of them are adorable.
  2. They repel mosquitos too. If you live in an area where mosquitos run rampant and leave you with loads of itchy bites, you’ll love the fact that these candles have citronella in them. Citronella is the best mosquito repellant ever.
  3. You can travel with these too. These candles aren’t just good for your home, you can also take them with you when camping or even to pool parties or BBQs or anywhere you expect there to be bugs (or that you want adorable candle decorations).
  4. You get up to seven hours of burn time in each candle. That means with the set of six (assuming you don’t light them all at once), you get 49 hours worth of burn time, which is awesome. These will last you the rest of the summer at least!
  5. They’re on sale at the moment, which is even better. While $35 for a set of six is a good deal in and of itself, there’s also a coupon available at the moment for $5 off, which makes this set an even bigger bargain. Plus, it’s on Prime, so you can have these in your hands in no time. I love a deal.

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