Couple Tragically Drown On Honeymoon Only 4 Days After Wedding

A newlywed couple tragically died on their honeymoon in the Caribbean only four days after their wedding when they were pulled under by a riptide. Mohammad Malik, 35, and Dr. Noor Shah, 29, had just happily begun what they believed was a new phase in their lives together when their lives were cut short in the freak accident, the NY Post reports.

  1. Their honeymoon was supposed to be a time of celebration. Malik and Shah were enjoying their status as newlyweds at a resort near Como Parrot Cay in Turks and Caicos. Sadly, while they were swimming one day, strong riptides pulled the couple underwater and they were overtaken.
  2. Witnesses tried to save them. While Malik and Shah were pulled from the water by witnesses and CPR was performed on them, it was simply too late and their lives were unable to be saved. They passed away only four days after their wedding in New York, which took place on October 24.
  3. Malik’s brother expressed his grief at the tragedy. “My brother was very deeply in love with her. He was always glowing when he was with her. He was glowing on the day of his wedding. It was the happiest day of our lives just four days earlier when we celebrated their wedding at The Carltun in Eisenhower Park,” said Ahmad Malik, 25. “Noor and Mohammad together were just magnetic and brought happiness to everyone around them. Their energy was infectious and beautiful and they were beautiful and glowing. While we’re sad they’re not with us anymore, we’re glad that they’re together and were together in their final moments.”
  4. The family was devastated when they learned the news. Malik’s father said he was notified of the couple’s death when he was contacted by the American Embassy in the Bahamas. Col. R. Maqbool Malik, 70, called it a “devastating loss.” He said: “This is a shock beyond belief. And it’s a tragedy of different dimensions when you have to lay two children to rest in a joint funeral.”
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