Woman Calls 911 For Injuries She Got While Murdering Her Own Son

Woman Calls 911 For Injuries She Got While Murdering Her Own Son Somerset County Prosecutor's Office

A New Jersey mother brutally murdered her 4-year-old son by slicing his throat, then called 911 – but not for the little boy, according to police. Elina Gutti, 38, instead reached out to dispatchers for help for her injured wrist, which she hurt when killing him. Authorities say she left his body in a bedroom on February 6, then called police to her home in South Bound Brook for “unexplained injuries on her wrist.” When they arrived, they noticed her hands were covered in blood.

  1. The cops discovered the boy’s body soon after arriving. They noted that little Aiden Singhania had “severe lacerations to his throat” and that there were two bloody kitchen knives strewn onto the floor of the bedroom. Soon after, the child was pronounced dead and Gutti was taken into custody.
  2. She didn’t seem to care about what she’d done. According to NJ.com, Gutti was completely emotionless when speaking with police, saying only, “This is pretty serious.” While she had recently told her ex-boyfriend that she was feeling depressed, it’s unclear if her horrific act had anything to do with that. She was taken to a local hospital to be treated for her injuries.
  3. Gutti’s ex-husband had filed for custody of their son. The father had recently requested a paternity test, he told police, with the goal of taking full custody of Singhania when he was confirmed as the boy’s dad. He reportedly lives at the top half of the home while Gotti lived in the bottom half.
  4. Now, Gutti is facing some pretty hefty charges. In addition to charging her with first-degree murder, she also faces two counts of third-degree possession of a weapon, according to Somerset County Prosecutor Michael Robertson. If convicted, it’s likely that she will spend the rest of her life in prison, but either way, her innocent son was robbed of his life and that’s a horrible tragedy.
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