‘Golden Girls’ Chia Pets Are A Thing & We’ve Never Wanted Anything More

If you grew up in the late ’80s and early ’90s, chances are you remember when Chia Pets were all the rage. The premise was simple enough: spread some seeds over a ceramic animal, water it, and eventually it would begin to sprout. Ch-ch-chia! Well, Chia Pets are still around and now, they’ve even made a Golden Girls version!

  1. All four Golden Girls are available. Whether you’re a fan of Rose, Blanche, Dorothy, or Sophia or you want all four, thankfully Chia has come through and made a version of each of the ladies. Get one for yourself and your BFF or a whole set for both of you. It’ll be the best purchase you make all year.
  2. These things literally last forever. All Chia Pets can basically be used forever. They’re infinitely replantable. You just wash them and reapply a new set of seeds when you’re ready. A three-pack of replacement chia seeds is available on Amazon for less than $6, which is pretty cool.
  3. It’s one of the most unique forms of memorabilia. If you’re a Golden Girls fan, there are plenty of pieces of memorabilia you could get. There’s Golden Girls Clue, Golden Girls t-shirts, Golden Girls magnets… you get the drift. However, Golden Girls Chia Pets are super weird and super awesome because of it.
  4. Plants are good for your mental health. Sure, they’re not succulents or flowers, but any bit of greenery in your living space is a good thing, especially as the days get shorter and darker and the weather gets colder. Plants will cheer you up, as will the Golden Girls, so why not combine the two and have Blanche, Sylvia, Rose, and Dorothy on your windowsill or even your desk with fancy green hair? I can’t think of a better way to ward off bad moods.

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