Son Of Charlotte Sena’s Kidnapper Craig Ross Jr. Says He Wishes His Father Was Dead

Son Of Charlotte Sena’s Kidnapper Craig Ross Jr. Says He Wishes His Father Was Dead New York State Police | Saratoga Police Department

While 9-year-old Charlotte Sena was thankfully found unharmed and returned home to her family after going missing while riding her bike on a family vacation, the repercussions from the horrifying ordeal will stay with the community and the families affected for a long time to come. Craig Ross Jr., the suspected kidnapper, has been taken into custody after he left fingerprints on a ransom note put in the family’s mailbox. However, his family wants nothing to do with him, and one of his sons, Joshua Ross, said he “couldn’t give an [expletive]” if is father died.

  1. Joshua Ross was approached by reporters at the family home. He lives on the same property where Craig Ross Jr. lived and was keeping young Charlotte locked in a cupboard. Joshua told TMZ that he and the rest of the family has disowned Craig, saying, “We want nothing to do with him. I could give an [expletive] if the dude dropped dead tomorrow.”
  2. He’s clearly horrified by what his father did. Joshua’s reaction may seem strong, but it’s certainly understandable. Knowing that your father could kidnap a terrified child and try to blackmail her family for money for her safe return was too much to bear. “I could give an [expletive] if anything, I couldn’t care less,” Joshua added. “He’s disgusting. He’s gross! He should die, I couldn’t care less.”
  3. Neighbors had no idea Craig Ross Jr. was capable of something like this. It’s believed that he recently moved into the trailer on his mother’s property as he’d been struggling with MS and was having trouble getting around or keeping up payments. Neighbors told the Daily Mail that he rarely spoke to anyone but that they often saw him outside working in the garden. He was further described as a “recluse” who spent half the week looking after his 11-year-old daughter at his three-bedroom home in the area.
  4. Craig Ross Jr. was charged with one count of kidnapping. He was arraigned at Wilton Town Court on Tuesday, October 3 and is being held without bail at Saratoga County Jail. If convicted, he’s looking at a minimum of 15 to 25 years in prison or a maximum of life behind bars. His next court date has not been announced.
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