Crowd Chants ‘F**k Hailey Bieber’ During Surprise Justin Bieber Performance

Justin Bieber hasn’t done many live performances recently, which is why it was such a surprise when he turned up at the Rolling Loud Festival last week. However, while he was there to sing for the crowd, the crowd was busy singing its own song: chants of “f**k Hailey Bieber.”

Justin only canceled the rest of his Justice World Tour last month, after postponing dates several times. So, when he hit the stage during Don Toliver’s set, he assumed fans would be happy to see him. Instead, his wife was verbally attacked.

In case you’re confused, Hailey Bieber has been getting a lot of hate lately. That’s because she’s been accused of bullying Justin’s ex, Selena Gomez. That, along with a resurfaced clip showing Hailey throwing shade at Taylor Swift for no apparent reason, led many to believe that Hailey’s a true mean girl.


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There’s a lot more to the story that you should look up on TikTok if you care since it’s pretty complicated. However, many people can agree that the harassment of Hailey is going a bit too far.

A TikToker who was at the show posted a video of the concert and the disrespectful ‘F**k Hailey Bieber’ chants. Many pointed out in the comments that the behavior was completely inappropriate and immature.

“How old are y’all???” one person asked. Another wrote, “I’m Team Selena but good God these people are stretching it.” A third said, “I understand that everyone hates Hailey, but doing this during his performance??”

It’s fine to have your opinions on celebrity drama, but they’re still real people with feelings. There’s no excuse for bullying and harassing someone like this. Isn’t that the same thing they were accusing Hailey of to begin with? Let’s just let this one go now.

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