Crown Royal Has 3 New Ready-To-Drink Cocktails To Get You Buzzed With Minimal Effort

Crown Royal Has 3 New Ready-To-Drink Cocktails To Get You Buzzed With Minimal Effort Crown Royal

When you want a cocktail but you don’t have a lot of different ingredients lying around in your kitchen and you’re too lazy to go to the grocery store, having pre-made canned options always comes in handy. Just in time for mixed drink season (though let’s be honest, when is it NOT mixed drink season?), Crown Royal has announced three new ready-to-drink cocktails in delicious new flavors that you’ll want to keep stocked up in your fridge.

crown royal cocktailsCrown Royal

  1. Why shouldn’t you enjoy your favorite bar drinks at home? The current “situation” (if we can trivialize it in such a way) has made going to the bar less desirable for many and downright impossible for others, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy our favorite cocktails in smaller groups in the comfort of our own homes. Crown Royal had this in mind when creating these. “There’s an increasing interest in ready to drink products and there’s a real desire from our drinkers to enjoy the cocktails they’ve always loved at the bar,” Crown Royal VP Nicky Heckles said in a statement. “Whether you’re relaxing in front of the TV or enjoying time in the backyard, Crown Royal ready to drink cocktails are perfect for those who want to celebrate with ease, but not compromise on the premium whisky and flavors we all know and love.”
  2. There are three delicious new flavors to choose from. Crown Royal’s ready-to-drink canned cocktails come in Peach Tea, Whiskey and Cola, and Washington Apple. The apple drink has Crown Royal whisky, apple and sparkling cranberry flavors while Peach Tea is exactly what it sounds like: peach flavored black tea and Crown Royal whiskey. Finally, the Whiskey and Cola is… well, you know. Each of the cans has a 7% ABV so nothing too hardcore but still high enough for you to feel it after a can or two. Each of the cans is jewel-toned, so they’re not just delicious, they’re aesthetically pleasing as well.
  3. Because they’re canned, they’re portable, which is always helpful. Maybe you’re heading to a friend’s for a socially distanced backyard BBQ when the weather gets nicer or you’re off to the beach this summer and can’t be bothered taking an entire cooler full of drink ingredients and trying to mix them yourself. That’s when Crown Royal’s cocktails will come in extra handy!
  4. They’re available now at stores nationwide wherever booze is sold. Crown Royal’s ready-to-drink canned cocktails can be purchased in four-packs for around $15, give or take, and single cans will run you about $4 each.
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