Why You Should Date A Woman Who Calls You On Your BS

A strong, smart woman will make you work to earn her and she definitely won’t put up with your bad behavior — she’ll call you on your BS every single time.  If you think you’re up to the challenge, she just might be the best girlfriend you’ll ever have. Here’s why:

She stays true to herself.

A woman who speaks her mind is one who knows what she wants in life, and she won’t settle for less. She won’t take a heap of crap without addressing it immediately to nip it right in the ass. She has better things to focus on than someone who attempts to knock her down a peg.

She deflects BS to make room for happiness.

She has a zero BS meter and she intends on keeping it that way so she can continue to focus on the better things in life. She won’t buy into anyone who tries to make her feel insecure or unloved. In fact, she avoids it at all cost because she’d prefer to live a happy, jerk-free life.

You’ll respect her more for having a spine.

If a woman lets you walk all over her, eventually you’ll resent it. Men like to pretend that they don’t like combative women, but in reality, it’s a turn-on. A woman who calls a man out for saying something rude is a woman worth knowing. It feels great to be with someone who isn’t afraid of addressing what bothers her.

She knows her worth.

Confident women know what they have to offer and if you’re proving yourself unworthy, she won’t hesitate to speak up to give you an opportunity to smarten the hell up before she walks away. It’s hard not to notice how easy it would be for her to dismiss you for treating her like crap, which makes bettering your own behavior to keep her around completely worth the effort.

You’ll never have to wonder where you stand with her.

A woman who calls you on your BS isn’t the type to say that she’s “fine” when stuff is definitely NOT fine. She’ll tell it like it is, which is a refreshing change from having to try and read her mind. She doesn’t care to hide her feelings because it’s one of the qualities that make her so badass.

She knows who she is and won’t compromise that for anyone.

 When she speaks up about something that upsets her, it’s because she doesn’t care about your reaction — she only cares about protecting her own heart. She’s willing to work through issues like an adult, but that doesn’t mean she won’t tell you what’s truly on her mind in the meantime.

You don’t need to rescue her — she handles herself.

You never have to worry about a woman who doesn’t take your BS because it’s not just you she doesn’t take crap from — it’s anyone who doesn’t treat her with respect. You won’t get a phone call from her crying and asking for you to come to her rescue because she rescues herself.

She’ll go to bat for you too.

As quick as she might be to call you on your crap, she’ll also be your biggest ally if you’re in a relationship with her. She won’t let anyone knock the people she cares about down — she puts them quickly in their place and she doesn’t give a damn. If she loves you, she loves you all the way.

She makes you a better man.

Being with a woman who doesn’t tolerate nonsense makes you a better partner in the end. Make no mistake — a woman who doesn’t take crap from you isn’t a controlling, jealous woman; she’s a woman who quickly points out the ways you’re failing at being respectful. There’s a difference. When you’re with her and she actually voices what bothers her, you’ll aim to better yourself and that will make you a better man in the end.

Her softness is seductively shocking.

The best part about a woman who calls you out on your stuff is that as long as you’re treating her right, she has an amazing softness about her that surprises you and keeps you wanting more. She’s sexy because she speaks her mind, and when she’s through with her toughness, she’s deeply tender inside. If she falls for you, it’ll be because not only can you handle her, but because you’re worth it too.

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