Dating Expert Encourages Women To Have Sex On The First Date And Insists Men Won’t Like You Less For It

An Australian dating expert has advised women to have sex on the first date if they really want to. While many of us would be nervous to do this because we don’t want to send the wrong message, Jake Maddock insists that guys don’t like you less for putting out right away. In fact, he insists that there’s only one type of guy who will ghost you once he gets what he wants.

Answering questions submitted via TikTok, Maddock read out a query from a woman that read: “He stopped texting me after we’ve slept together. What do I do now?” It’s a common query and one that many single women have been through all too often. However, Maddock thinks the answer is obvious.

“What can you do? You can send a message. If he doesn’t respond, move on,” he advises.

In another clip, he insists that women can and should have sex immediately upon meeting a guy because it’s really no big deal (something many women would disagree with based on personal experience).

“Girls, you can sleep with the guy on the first date. It doesn’t make him like you less,” he claims. “If he’s your ideal partner, he will fall in love with you regardless of when. It’s not about timing. You can do it on the first date if you want to.”

According to Jake Maddock, sex on the first date is a good thing


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It’s a nice thought in theory, but it also seems a bit unrealistic. In fact, one woman challenged Maddock’s assertion, writing: “I’ve been told by many guys that if I’d actually slept with them on the first night, they would have never been interested after that.”

However, Jake Maddock insists that only one type of guy would ghost a woman after sleeping with her. “A feminine man would think less of you. A masculine man would not,” he explains.

Still, both men and women think his advice is absolutely ridiculous. “They leave when they got what they wanted,” one person wrote. Another said: “Totally wrong. Nobody wants to be with a ho that’s been run thru.” A third wrote: “I’m as masculine as it gets. I say you’re wrong.”

Ultimately, whether you have sex with a guy on the first date or later is a decision you should make based on your own desires and feelings, not based on advice from Jake Maddock or any other “dating expert.” It’s true that guys who ghost after sleeping with you suck, but that shouldn’t determine what you do with your own body. Do what’s right for you.

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