Dating Expert Reveals The Common Home Decorations That Repel Men

Dating Expert Reveals The Common Home Decorations That Repel Men

While we often talk about all the things about guys’ apartments that gross women out, not much is said about the things men hate about our living spaces… until now. Dating expert Dana Kuritzkes took to TikTok recently to share some of the most common home decor items women tend to have that seriously repel men.


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  1. All of the items are downright “cringe-worthy.” In the clip, Kuritzkes claims that she’s not just making this up because she personally dislikes the items on the list but because men themselves have said this stuff will totally repel them when they see it.
  2. Crystals are high on the list. These can repel men as they make you seem a bit flighty or overly spiritual. This isn’t a bad thing for all guys, but it is one of the most popular dislikes. Looks like they aren’t bringing you positive love vibes after all.
  3. Stuffed animals and dream catchers are also no-gos. Sure, most women keep stuffed animals because they hold sentimental value, but having your teddies on public display can make you come across as slightly immature and repel men from wanting a romantic relationship with you. Same goes for dream catchers, though it’s unclear why exactly men dislike these.
  4. ‘Live, laugh, love’ signs are a major offender. To be fair, these don’t just repel men but most women too. They’re popular with a very specific demographic but I feel like most of us have moved on. They’re one piece of home decor you should ditch, along with snow globes. As Kuritzkes explains: “Snow globes are sweet nostalgic items to collect when you were a child. But if you still held on to them as an adult, it might be time for us to talk about your attachment issues.”
  5. Framed photos of yourself make you look narcissistic. To be honest, it’s no surprise that this tends to repel men given that it is a little weird to have solo pictures of yourself around the house. If it’s family pics or something, that’s a whole other story. “I’m all about self-love but that’s a lot even for me,” Kuritzkes added.
  6. Disney memorabilia should really be kept to a minimum. You’re a grown woman, so if you don’t want to repel men, you probably want to keep your collection to a serious minimum. “I’m sorry I can’t back you guys here,” Kuritzkes said. “I know I’m in the minority, people stand by Disney, but show me an episode of hoarders where there wasn’t a Mickey Mouse pillow in the corner somewhere.”
  7. At the end of the day, put what you want in your house. Yes, some weird things may “repel” men, but they’re probably not the guys for you if that’s the case. If you want to have some crystals in your meditation corner, go for it. If you love displaying your stuffed animals, why should you be stopped? The right guy won’t mind either way.
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