The Different Types of First Dates You Go On

The Different Types of First Dates You Go On ©iStock/filadendron

If you’re super single, it’s more than likely that you’ve been on your share of first dates. In fact, sometimes it seems like first dates are the only kind of dates you go on. After all, with all of the apps that exist, it’s easier than ever to pick someone out to “get drinks” with, but much harder to actually build a real relationship. First dates can be fun, and even hopeful, but some of them feel like job interviews where halfway through you figure out you’d rather not even get the job.

  1. The one that feels like an interview. Whether you love your job or have been endlessly hunting for a new one, no one wants to talk about what they do for hours. Sure, dating and job hunting inevitably have their similarities: you have to “put yourself out there,” you have to look your best (at least at first), and you probably found your last first date and that job you secretly applied to online. (Tinder and LinkedIn should probably just combine at some point). But just because both activities can be similar doesn’t mean you want to spend the evening answering questions about your hopes and dreams that make you feel like you’re talking to a recruiter, instead of a potential love interest.
  2. The one that feels like it’s sorority recruitment. If you were a sorority girl, you remember the endless, awkward conversations during recruitment. Luckily, during rush there are “floaters,” whose sole purpose is to rescue from talking about horseback riding for fifteen minutes straight. In the real world, if you’re on a date with a polite guy who you just aren’t vibing with, there’s no escape unless you make one yourself. And when he sneakily orders another round while you’re in the bathroom, you can’t help but wonder if there’s a way to get one of your sorority sisters there to save you.
  3. The one where you know you’ll never see him again. If you’ve been dating for a while, you’ve gotten much better at recognizing who you’ll actually end up seeing again. With app dates, it’s easier than ever to pair up with someone you think is hot, or who you think you might have something in common with, only to realize during the first five minutes that it’s not a match. But unfortunately, just because you know you’ll never hear from this guy again (and vice versa), there’s no polite way to escape before the date has even started.
  4. The one where he’s way more into it. The second you sit down, you know this isn’t going to work out. Maybe it’s because he’s boring, or looked completely different on Tinder, or maybe you think he’s super nice but there’s just no spark. After your fair share of first dates, you know what you’re looking for–and it’s not him. When you try to escape, he orders another drink (or three), and you’re left wondering if you should be a jerk and bounce or sit through another couple of hours of conversation.
  5. The one where it’s way too romantic. If you were into this guy, or if you had known him for more than an hour, ordering champagne and taking you to an expensive restaurant would be incredible. Because you don’t, you’re entirely overwhelmed. Sure, a first date a dive bar doesn’t exactly equate to an adorable story to tell your kids about, but it’s a relaxed way to get to know someone.
  6. The one that’s awful, but he expects to get it in anyway. Your date is terrible from the beginning until the bitter end. You have nothing in common, he’s a stone cold weirdo, and you literally are checking your clock until you make a stealth escape. At the end, he makes up an excuse to walk you out, and invites you to his home to continue the date. You can’t help but wonder if he sat through a different date entirely.
  7. The one that makes you ridiculously hopeful. This guy seems perfect (mostly because you haven’t figured out what’s wrong with him yet). He’s cute, he’s interesting, you have a ton in common, and there might actually be a touch of chemistry. He mentions a second date, and places you can go, and you start visualizing what your kids will look like (because that’s not creepy). Unfortunately, post-date, you’re stuck playing the waiting game.
  8. The one where you feel like you found your ultimate pregame companion. This date is a blast, which means that you don’t realize there’s not a romantic connection until after it’s over. You drink way too much, check out ridiculously cool bars, and feel like you found someone perfect to party with. Once it’s over, you realize that there was literally nothing romantic happening.
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