I Don’t Care About What A Guy Can Buy Me, I Care About How Well He Loves Me

I’ve had many types of relationships in my lifetime and when I look back at everything I’ve been through, I realize what’s truly important. I’ve been with guys who spoiled me rotten and showered me with material things, but none of it ever equated to what my heart is really searching for. I don’t really give a damn about what a guy can buy me — I just want genuine love.

  1. I want a guy who wants to know me, not just what I like. To me, it’s infinitely better to have a guy who gives a genuine crap about who I am on the inside than one who can buy me whatever material things I want. Of course, it’s great to have a partner who cares to put a smile on my face with thoughtful little gifts, but buying me things doesn’t prove what his heart is truly feeling — that’s really what I’m after.
  2. I don’t want a guy to feel like he owns me — there needs to be mutual respect. I’ve dated guys before who have used gifts, fancy dinners and flowers to try and overwrite all the B they pulled. Over time, it made them feel like they had some type of ownership over me and it was hard for them to deal when I kept my independence and didn’t buy into that nonsense. I want the guy who knows that my value isn’t dependent on how much money he’s spent on me, it’s because of who I am.
  3. I don’t want to rely on someone else. I’ve never really been the type to rely on someone else and I take pride in that. I like to know that I’m standing on my own two feet because of the hard work I’ve put in to make that happen. Plus, if things don’t work out with a guy, I need to know that I can easily be without him because I was already complete before him.
  4. I want a relationship with real depth. The most important part of a relationship to me is how we connect and how our hearts and intellects intertwine into a beautiful partnership — and no amount of monetary spoiling can ever buy me that kind of bond. There isn’t even a question to me whether I’d be with someone for love or money. I’ll choose real love every time.
  5. I want the kind of love that’s real for real reasons, not because of what he buys me. There’s something to be said about women who are easily wooed because a guy keeps sending her flowers or buying her shiny things. The lust begins on a high of material crap and isn’t based on the actual connection itself. I know this first hand because I’ve allowed guys to blind me the same way in the past. Thankfully, I know better now.
  6. Money doesn’t make a man worthy of me. A guy isn’t worthy of me simply because he has the means to spoil me — it’s the way he treats me without opening his wallet that really matters. Sometimes I wonder how many relationships these days would have even turned into relationships without the showboating that some guys put forward in the beginning. Is the love real and genuine, or was it built based on a stack of Benjamins?
  7. I’d rather struggle and be happy than be miserable and spoiled. I’ve witnessed women living under the mercy of a man’s provider role and I refuse to get caught in the mess of it all. I don’t want to feel stuck in a relationship I’m miserable in simply because without it, I wouldn’t be able to hold my own. I take pride in knowing that I’m looking for real love and that I have my ac together and am self-sufficient. It means that when I do actually find the guy and I do fall in love in the forever kind of way, it’s won’t be based on anything else other than genuine emotions.
  8. Real men dig deeper than monetary tokens of affection. When a man truly has something amazing to offer, he doesn’t need to open his wallet to prove it. I feel like a lot of guys hide their indecency behind their money and I’m wise enough to know that it takes a lot more than spoiling a woman to be a great partner. The logic that men need to be the providers is complete BS, especially in a time where women are stronger and more commanding than ever in society.
  9. I’ve gotten everything I want all on my own. I have everything I need already, so a guy needs to step up to the plate and show me something different if he wants to have a place in my life. I wish more women would realize that they’re capable of so much more than they even know and that they don’t truly need a guy to have an incredible life. I’m slaying my life on my own and I’m looking for a partner who compliments that and adds to it in a cosmic way, not with dollar signs.
  10. To me, real love is priceless. There’s no value placed on real love. It isn’t based on how much a pair of earrings were or what an engagement ring is worth. A guy can give me the world in pearls and oysters and still treat me like crap. When I choose my perfect guy for me, he’s not going to be someone who can hold the money he spends over my head — that’s not real love to me. The guy for me will be priceless because every affection he pays me comes straight from a true place in his heart, and vice versa. I don’t care to be spoiled, I just want genuine love.