Drew Barrymore Says She Wishes Her Mom Was Dead: ‘I Cannot Wait’

Drew Barrymore Says She Wishes Her Mom Was Dead: ‘I Cannot Wait’ The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon | YouTube/carllafong69

Drew Barrymore has been a celebrity since she was a small child, and it was her mom Jaid who managed her early in her career. While a parent’s job is to protect their child and keep them grounded, Jaid was so wrapped up in the limelight that she made many questionable decisions. For instance, she used to take Drew to Studio 54 when she was only a child and was so permissive that Drew ended up in drug rehab by the age of 12 and in a mental institution by 13. Perhaps, then, it’s no surprise that Drew admits that she “cannot wait” for her mom to die.

Speaking to New York Magazine, Drew admitted that she has several friends who have lost their parents and instead of feeling grateful she’s not in their position, she’s actually envious.

“All their moms are gone, and my mom’s not. And I’m like, “Well, I don’t have that luxury. But I cannot wait,” she admitted. “I don’t want to live in a state where I wish someone to be gone sooner than they’re meant to be so I can grow. I actually want her to be happy and thrive and be healthy. But I have to f**king grow in spite of her being on this planet.”

And while she has every right to feel the way she does, Drew Barrymore clarified her comments later in the interview, admitting that she feels a bit guilty for wishing her mom dead even though it’s a true reflection of her perspective.

“I dared to say it, and I didn’t feel good,” she said. “I do care. I’ll never not care. I don’t know if I’ve ever known how to fully guard, close off, not feel, build the wall up.”

Drew did manage to make peace with her father, John David Barrymore, before he died. However, she and her mom simply haven’t been able to achieve the same level of clarity with her mother. However, she still doesn’t “blame” Jaid for how her own life has gone.

“I choose very consciously not to see my life as things that have been done to me,” Drew explained. “I want to see it as the things I did and chose to do. I’m not attracted to people who lay blame on others. I don’t find it sexy.”

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