Driver Knocks Drunk Man Out With A Single Punch For Damaging His Car

A drunk man who allegedly punched and broke off a car’s mirror while “standing in the middle of the f***ing road” was knocked out in a single punch by the car’s owner. In the altercation, which was caught on camera, the driver continually backs away from the intoxicated man while insisting that he doesn’t want to fight them. However, when the drunk man refuses to walk away, the driver says “are you being serious” before landing a single punch and knocking the other man to the ground.

Warning: Video contains strong language.

  1. A 47-year-old has allegedly been charged in connection with the incident. Police Scotland, who attended the scene outside of a chip shop in Glasgow, said that an unnamed man had been charged over the incident but failed to give further detail.
  2. The driver did try to avoid a fight. Anyone would be mad to have their vehicle damaged by a drunkard for no reason, but the driver still attempted to walk away. He can be heard in the video saying” I’m not fighting you mate. You just broke my f***ing wing mirror.” However, the drunk man didn’t know what was good for him and kept pushing him.
  3. The drunk man went down like a sack of potatoes. When the driver finally got fed up and punched the drunk man, he fell over backward and hit his head on the pavement. It’s unclear whether he suffered any serious injuries. A third man did try to intervene before things got to this point, but the drunk man wasn’t having it.
  4. Many believe the drunk man got what was coming to him. While no one should condone violence, it was clear the driver was trying to avoid an altercation but the inebriated man wouldn’t take no for an answer. What else could the driver have done here?
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