Dunkin’ Is Testing Bubble Teas With Strawberry Popping Bubbles

Dunkin’ Is Testing Bubble Teas With Strawberry Popping Bubbles Dunkin'

Boba is absolutely delicious but depending on where you live, it’s sometimes a little hard to get a hold of. That may not be the case for much longer, however, since Dunkin’ is testing a line of bubble teas at several locations around the country. Not only that, but each of the beverages contain strawberry-flavored popping bubbles that are bound to be super delicious.

  1. So what is bubble tea anyway? In case you’ve never had it, traditional bubble tea is a mixture of tea, milk, fruit, and fruit juice which has loads of chewy tapioca pearls at the bottom. According to Eater, Taiwan is actually the boba capital of the world, but it’s getting more and more popular around the world, including in the US.
  2. Dunkin’ is offering several bubble tea drinks. As MassLive reports, Dunkin’ will be testing Popping Bubble Iced Tea and Dunkin’ Refreshers, Sparkling Dunkin’ Refreshers, Summer Shandies, Bubble Iced Coffee and Tea, and Layered Iced Tea. In other words, there’s a little something for everyone.
  3. The Popping Bubble Iced Tea is the most traditional. It consists of a mix of green tea with strawberry popping bobbles that “burst in your mouth for an explosion of strawberry sweetness with each sip,” according to a Dunkin’ statement. The company added, “Guests can also enjoy Popping Bubble Dunkin’ Refreshers, with strawberry popping bubbles added to Dunkin’ Refreshers’ combination of iced green tea, flavored fruit concentrate, and B vitamins for a boost of brightness and energy. Both are served with a special, extra-wide Bubble paper straw.”
  4. You’ll need to live in Massachusetts if you want to try them. Sadly, only people who live in Mass. will get the opportunity to try Dunkin’s bubble teas right now. They’ll be available between July 1 and August 18, so if you’re in the area and want to try them, you’ll have to be quick. Who knows? If the response is positive enough, we may be seeing them at more locations around the country soon.
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