The More Effort He Puts Into These 11 Things, The More Likely It Is The Relationship Will Last

The More Effort He Puts Into These 11 Things, The More Likely It Is The Relationship Will Last ©iStock/andresr

Most people put effort into wooing their crush when they’re in the beginning stages of a relationship or situationship, but once things get a little more comfortable, it’s not uncommon for at least one person to stop trying so hard. But if the guy you’re with doesn’t give it his all when it comes to these things, don’t expect your love story to have a happy ending.

  1. Texting And Calling Communicating isn’t a hard task! He should be texting and calling you throughout the day. Not just because he knows you like it, but because he likes it, too. You two are in a relationship, and that means you care about each other. He should want to know where you are, what you’re doing, and how your day is going. It’s only natural for someone who loves you to want to be connected to you… even if that connection isn’t always face-to-face.
  2. Planning Dates He should make the effort to make plans with you. That’s not to say you can never organize something special, but you shouldn’t always have to. Dating shouldn’t be something you have to constantly be in charge of because the other person is too lazy to participate. Every so often, he should take the time to plan a romantic night for the two of you.
  3. Getting Along With Your Friends And Family He doesn’t have to take your mom shopping or go golfing with your dad every Sunday. But he should be able to get along with the people you’re closest to. Even if he doesn’t like all of your friends, he should treat them with respect.
  4. Making You Feel Important You shouldn’t feel like an option with him. He should make you feel important even when you’re not together. He should call you on his lunch break to let you know how work is going and invite you to go out with his friends for happy hour. You should never have to doubt whether or not he’s as interested and invested in the relationship as you are.
  5. Caring about his appearance He doesn’t have to wear a tuxedo to dinner, but he shouldn’t look like he hasn’t showered in weeks. You don’t wear sweats every date night, and neither should he. He should respect himself enough to want to look presentable when you guys are out and take pride in his appearance.
  6. Giving You An Orgasm You might not orgasm every single time you guys have sex, but you should orgasm a majority of the time. He should do everything (well…everything in his power) to make you climax. Whether that means switching up positions, bringing in toys, or going down on you for an extended amount of time, he shouldn’t be lazy about meeting your sexual needs, no matter how much foreplay is involved.
  7. Talking Things Out He needs to put effort into the relationship during the good times and bad times. When you two are fighting, he shouldn’t ghost away from the scene. He should try his hardest to hear you out, understand your side, and communicate his side in a way that’s not destructive.
  8. Preparing For The Future If he’s serious about his relationship with you, he should be preparing for the future. He should be saving money for a down payment on a house, engagement ring, or even just a safety net in case things go wrong. Instead of spending his entire paycheck on alcohol and video games, he should be putting money aside for your future.
  9. Understanding You He should be taking the time to get to know you — really get to know you. There’s no reason for him not to know anything more than what your favorite color is and the name of your dog. He should know what your biggest fears are, your goals, and the core values that make you who you are.
  10. Taking Care Of His Home You’re not his mother, and you’ll never be his maid. He should be able to cook and clean by himself. Even if he’s not the best at either, he should be trying. His room shouldn’t be a complete mess, and his kitchen shouldn’t look like a dirty restaurant. He should put effort into keeping the space around him as clean as possible.
  11. Flirting With You Even if you’ve been together for years, flirting should still happen. Your relationship might not feel as new as it did when you first met, but that doesn’t mean the romance is gone. He should still make you feel desirable! Sure, he already has you, but that doesn’t mean he should stop trying to impress you with cute texts and sweet gestures.
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