Elf On The Shelf Is Out For Christmas — This Year, It’s All About Jack On The Rack

Elf on the Shelf is one of the most popular Christmas traditions and it’s definitely a love/hate thing. While some people wouldn’t do the holidays without the naughty elf hanging around their houses, others find it weird and silly. If you have an extreme dislike for that cheeky doll or just want something different, why not go with Jack on the Rack this time?

  1. Who doesn’t love Jack Skellington. He’s certainly one of the most recognizable characters around the holidays, so integrating him into Christmas celebrations is only natural. The Nightmare Before Christmas may be more of a Halloween movie, but hello, Christmas is in the title! This works perfectly.
  2. You could use Jack on the Rack the same way as Elf on the Shelf. The game here can be the same as Elf on the Shelf, just with Jack Skellington in seasonal attire instead of the elf. This amazing idea comes courtesy of Etsy seller RosiebethHolidays, who created these amazing dolls just in time for the holidays.
  3. The dolls are fully posable too! Jack on the Rack is 14″ tall and is fully wired so that you can pose him in whatever position you want him so he can sit on any surface. Not only that, but his body is hand-sewn and the face is made of poured resin. You’re getting a totally unique item here!
  4. There’s still time to order one in time for Christmas. You can get yours on Etsy HERE. Be quick, because I have a feeling they’ll definitely sell out.
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