Even If They’re Not Your Type, Give These 7 Guys A Chance

Although it’s good to know your “type” so that you can concentrate on dating guys who complement you, if you’re too stuck in your ways, you could be missing out on fun. Here are 7 guys to say yes to when they ask you on a date. Who knows — they might even make you realize there are qualities you really want in a boyfriend that you had never considered before.

  1. The guy you have nothing in common with. He orders the meat pizza and you’re vegetarian. He loves the sea but you’re more of a mountain girl. And that’s only the tip of the mammoth iceberg of differences between you. He’s got way different life goals and dreams to yours, and you both can’t imagine living each other’s lives. You’re so different it’s actually laughable. But who knows? By the end of the night you might find some stuff in common. If not, at least you’ve breathed fresh air and new perspectives into your dating routine.
  2. The artist. Although you might worry about those volatile artistic temperaments and if you’ll score stability with your Van Gogh wannabe, you’re sure to have some fun adventures by going on a date or two with an artist. Artists are creative and interesting, and they tend to see the world in different ways which can make for an awesome ride. You’ll definitely learn new things, and since artists are passionate, you can bet that hot sex is on the cards.
  3. The introvert. Instead of letting your eyes follow the jock in the room, take a look in the dark corners where the introverts are. Just look at them wearing their nerdy glasses while working on their laptops or going red when they give you a shy smile. Adorable. You might be surprised by just how fascinating an introvert can be once you get to know him. It’s refreshing to be with someone who doesn’t dance on tables, actually reads a book instead of just watching the movie it’s based on, and doesn’t give a damn about being popular.
  4. The almost celebrity. He’s got thousands of followers on Instagram and is quite popular, thanks to some TV appearances or his modelling career that’s just about to take off. He’s got his finger on the pulse of everything trendy and coupled with his increasing popularity that’s sure to grant you access to the hottest clubs and most exclusive parties. Cool, but what’s really interesting is his drive and how he’s working his way to success. You’re sure to be motivated to chase down your goals just by breathing some of his ambitious air.
  5. The bad boy. Although you know a relationship with a bad boy can be fraught with drama, such as insecurity over his player tendencies, there’s no harm in having a few fun dates with him. Bad boys are intriguing because they’re spontaneous and like to live life according to their own rules. He’ll rock up on his motorbike at sunset even when you didn’t have plans just to take you out for a ride. Every woman should feel the thrill of being with the adventurous bad boy at least once in her lifetime.
  6. The guy you don’t get along with. Know the attractive guy seated in the cubicle next to yours at work who rubs you the wrong way? Go on a date with him. He’s infuriating and sometimes it feels like he brings out the worst in you, but you can’t deny the chemistry between you. Yes, chances are your feelings of hatred are actually passion. Besides, there might just be some surprisingly awesome qualities underneath his full-of-himself veneer that you can’t deny you’re curious to discover.
  7. The hot guy. You might think that you shouldn’t have a super-hot guy as your boyfriend because it’s bad for your heart: think of the constant insecurity over other women hitting on him, for instance. But dating the ridiculously hot guy for a while can be a nice ego boost, especially if your self-esteem has taken a hit thanks to a bad breakup. Hot guys can also help you relocate your feelings of lust and chemistry if your dating life has just felt blah for a while. Think of them as the jumpstart you need to get back out there.
Giulia Simolo is a writer from Johannesburg, South Africa with a degree in English Language and Literature. She has been working as a journalist for more than a decade, writing for sites including AskMen, Native Interiors, and Live Eco. You can find out more about her on Facebook and LinkedIn, or follow her on Twitter @GiuliaSimolo.