Father Of The Bride Walked Daughter Down The Aisle With Beer Can In His Hand

A father-of-the-bride has been slammed online for walking his daughter down the aisle with a beer can in his hand. A photo of the ceremony was shared on the Facebook group That’s It I’m Wedding Shaming, showing the man in question holding his daughter’s arm on one side and the beer on the other. However, that wasn’t the only thing that drew criticism.

  1. Who wears camouflage to a wedding? In addition to the beer-guzzling, commenters were quick to notice the fact that the dress code at this wedding was a little, shall we say… casual. Instead of wearing a traditional bridal gown, the lucky lady instead donned a camo ballgown and the rest of the wedding party wore matching patterns in their own outfits.
  2. Forget tuxedos, cargo shorts are the way to go. Cargo shorts and white tees were the fashion du jour for this wedding party. Dirty sneakers were also on display for the fellas, while the women tended to wear sandals. The bridesmaids also wore camo mini-dresses to really complete the look.
  3. Yes, the person who posted the photos actually knew these people. The user who decided to share these genius shots on Facebook actually knew those pictured, though they were nice enough to blur the faces so they couldn’t be identified. “These are pictures from a person I actually know. I particularly like the beer in her dad’s hand as he walks her down the aisle,” the user posted.
  4. Of course, as long as the couple was happy, that’s all that matters. While this might not be to everyone else’s taste, the fact is that if this family was happy with the ceremony, that’s the important thing. After all, weddings aren’t about who can be flashiest, it’s about what means something to the couple, so congrats to them!
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