Florida Woman Arrested After Asking Police Officer To Smoke Pot With Her

Florida Woman Arrested After Asking Police Officer To Smoke Pot With Her Sumter County Sheriff's Office

A Florida woman was arrested after she asked a deputy to smoke marijuana with her, Fox 35 reports. Constance Polk, 50, was approached by the officer for a well-being check on the morning of Sunday, September 28, after she was seen sitting in her car at the side of State Road 44 in Sumter County. She was then discovered with drugs and asked the officer if he’d like to toke up with her. The answer, as you can probably imagine, was no.

  1. Give Polk credit for creativity. Instead of trying to pretend that she didn’t have marijuana when the officer caught her with it or claiming it wasn’t hers, she instead admitted it and asked the deputy if he wanted to smoke. Only someone who was pretty stoned would think that was a good idea!
  2. She was certainly bold! “(Polk) stated that she was in possession of marijuana and asked if I would like to smoke it with her. The defendant then opened a bag, which had been sitting on her passenger seat, and produced a small glass container, with no type of labeling on it, containing a green leafy substance,” the affidavit read.
  3. She even invited the officer to smell the weed! I mean, this story just gets better and better. Maybe she was just really proud of her bud? Can’t fault her for that, I suppose!
  4. Sadly, she didn’t have a medical marijuana card. While it’s legal to possess and smoke weed in Florida if you have a medical marijuana card, Polk admitted to the officer that while she’d like to get one, she doesn’t currently have one.
  5. Constance Polk was then arrested. She was booked into Sumter County Detention Center on $200 bond and charged with possession of marijuana and possession of drug equipment for her four grams of pot and the rolling papers found in her car.
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