Florida Woman Tries To Hire Hitman To Kill Homeless Man For Giving Her Grandkids Lice

Florida Woman Tries To Hire Hitman To Kill Homeless Man For Giving Her Grandkids Lice New Smyrna Beach Police

A Florida woman was arrested after she tried to hire her ex-son-in-law to murder a homeless man she accused of having an affair with her daughter and giving lice to her grandchildren. According to an arrest affidavit, 50-year-old Pamela King Vanorsdale of New Smyrna Beach called Daniel E. Dionne of Daytona Beach to ask him to “pop” the 22-year-old homeless man with a gun and ammunition which she would personally provide. She said she wanted to “get him out of here” because he was “messing with” her grandchildren due to the fact that they were “coming home with lice,” NBC News reports.

  1. Vanorsdale planned the crime meticulously. She went so far as to determine that given the victim’s small stature, it would only take one bullet to kill him. However, she told her son-in-law she would provide two bullets “just ini case” and that she would dispose of the gun after the deed had been done.
  2. She gave her former son-in-law very specific instructions. Vanorsdale told Dionne that he needed to “pop [the victim] in the head and chest” and “throw him off a bridge.” This way, everyone would think the man had killed himself and there would be no investigation.
  3. Dionne pretended to agree to the deal. Instead, he recorded their conversations and went to Daytona Beach Police, who then pushed it over to the New Smyrna Beach Police. Vanorsdale was arrested not long after.
  4. So why did he turn her in? Dionne told officers he believed he was being set up, especially since he’s a convicted person who’s having a custody dispute with his ex-wife, one of Vanorsdale’s daughters.
  5. Vanorsdale did eventually admit the plan… kind of. While she initially denied the allegations and instead threatened to “sue the police department,” she later said she came up with the plan with Dionne but was never going to go through with it. She was charged with solicitation to commit murder and released on $25,000 bond.
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