Florida Woman’s Driver’s License Lists Her Address As ‘Eat Ass Street’

The DMV is also known as hell on earth, and it’s not anywhere any of us ever want to go. However, sometimes it’s a necessary evil as we have to renew our driver’s license or take care of other vehicle-related business. That means dealing with the complete ineptitude and rudeness of many of the employees there as well as the extensive, pointless red tape is just something we have to face. You don’t usually expect it to be a barrel of laughs, but one woman’s recent experience was a serious comedy of errors.


  1. The woman’s address was listed as “Eat Ass.” Yes, really. As per The Consumerist, the unnamed Florida woman left with a new license that listed her home address as “Eat Ass.” No number, no explanation. I’m 99.99999% sure that’s not where she lives…
  2. Yes, this is a real story. The DMV actually had to issue a statement about the incident, explaining it in a… pretty bizarre way. “The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles has numerous safeguards in place when customers conduct business with us to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the information provided to us. We have opened an investigation into this matter to determine who and how this misinformation was provided. Using false information related to a Florida driver license or ID card is a crime, and subject to applicable penalties of law. We have already reissued the customer’s driver’s license at no cost.” Huh.
  3. So someone at the DMV really thought Eat Ass was a real street? That seems to be what the agency is implying in their message – that the safeguards in place would have caught this error so someone obviously thought it was legit. Cool, cool…
  4. Hopefully the woman kept the other license for laughs. It’s probably the only time the DMV will put a smile on anyone’s face.
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