Florida Woman Caught Driving Drunk Uses Police Mugshots As A Modeling Experience

Florida Woman Caught Driving Drunk Uses Police Mugshots As A Modeling Experience Miami-Dade Police Department

A Florida woman who was arrested by police after allegedly driving drunk decided to use her mugshots as a modeling experience. Tabitha Reitano, 19 and from Miami, was charged with disorderly intoxication, battery and resisting an officer with violence but didn’t seem too bothered as she posed for the camera and made a joke of the situation.

Miami-Dade Police Department

  1. I suppose if you’re drunk, everything’s a joke. Given that Reitano was arrested in Dade County for intoxication, it makes sense that the seriousness of the situation would be lost on her. Something tells me she’ll look back at this and cringe.
  2. She pleaded not guilty to all charges. After she was booked, she posted the $3,500 bond set and was released on the same day. She was scheduled for a further court appearance later in the month where she’ll face a judge. If convicted, she could face a hefty fine or even jail time.
  3. Something tells me she won’t be getting a modeling contract from this. Unlike “hot felon” Jeremey Meeks, it’s unlikely that Reitano will be getting a modeling contract or any further business opportunities from this arrest. At least she had fun getting her mugshots taken?
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