Missing Florida Woman Found Dead In Estranged Husband’s Storage Unit

Missing Florida Woman Found Dead In Estranged Husband’s Storage Unit Orange County Sheriff's Office | iStock

A Florida woman who’d been missing since November 11 has been found dead in a storage unit belonging to her estranged husband. Mom of four Shakeira Yvonne Rucker, 37, was discovered after someone called 911 reporting a “smell emanating from one of the units” at Self Storage in Apopka, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement posted to Facebook.

Police are only looking at one suspect: Cory Hill, Rucker’s estranged husband.

Authorities from the OCSO were unwilling to give many details surrounding Rucker’s death given that the investigation is ongoing.

“This is not the update we wanted to be giving you all today,” Sheriff John Mina said at a news conference on Sunday, November 19. He added that the case had many “twists and turns” and that it included several different jurisdictions, per NBC News.

Shakeira Rucker appears to have died from gunshot wounds and a full autopsy is underway. Authorities believe she was killed inside the storage unit, and added that Hill is, perhaps unsurprisingly, not cooperating.

“He is the suspect. We are not looking for anyone else. He will be charged with the murder eventually in this case,” Mina added.

Cory Hill is already in prison.

He’s currently being held at the Orange County Jail, where he’s been charged with four counts of attempted homicide in connection with a shooting his “girlfriend and family” on November 12.

WESH says that Hill shot at the woman and her family, though it’s unclear exactly what happened in that case. He was arrested the following day, on November 13.

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Rucker’s family knew she was last with Hill.

They told authorities they last saw her on November 11, Winter Springs police revealed on Facebook. She was seen leaving her home in the town that day and her family believed she was with Hill, for whatever reason.

Winter Springs Police Chief Matthew Tracht was saddened that Shakeira Rucker never made it home safely, saying, “It’s not the outcome we expected, but there’s a little bit of closure for Shakeira’s family.”

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