This Bouquet Of Baby Back Ribs Is The Perfect Gift For Your Valentine

This Bouquet Of Baby Back Ribs Is The Perfect Gift For Your Valentine Boston Market

It’s 2020, which means that flower bouquets are out and in their place is everything from pickle bouquets to booze bouquets to breadstick bouquets and yes, baby back rib bouquets. Boston Market is getting in on the Valentine’s Day fun this year by offering the limited-edition arrangement just in time for everyone’s (least) favorite holiday.

  1. Technically, they’re called “Bae-by Back Ribs.” That’s what Boston Market is calling them, but I can’t even bring myself to type that without cringing so we’ll just go with baby back ribs. Either way, they come in bouquet form for the ultimate romantic gesture. Also, the sloppiest—make sure you’re stocked up on napkins!
  2. It’s only available on February 14. While many restaurants are offering their Valentine’s Day specials for a few days before and after the holiday, Boston Market is keeping it short and sweet by selling baby back rib bouquets only on the day. They’ll be available at all locations nationwide, so if you want them, you’ll want to plan a trip to your local restaurant on Friday.
  3. It’ll run you $29.99. That’s the cost of 12 baby back ribs, which is actually pretty reasonable. They’ll come presented in bouquet form, wrapped in the paper as seen in the photo. Whether or not the staff at your local restaurant will put as much love and care as the food photographer did remains to be seen, but fingers crossed.
  4. I can think of worse things to get for Valentine’s Day… As far as quirky gifts go, a bouquet full of baby back ribs kinda comes out on top for me. I’m all about food 24/7, so give me something edible (but something delicious, obviously) and I’m pretty much sold. I don’t need sparkly hearts or over-the-top romance. The way to my heart is through my stomach, so I’m down for it.
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