12 Things You Need To Get Over A Bad Breakup

After a breakup, it’s important to remember that while pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. With that in mind, here’s the breakup survival kit you need to help you move through the stages of grief and move on with your fabulous life.


 You’re going to cry—a lot. It’s good for you because it relieves your stress and everything just looks better after you’ve washed out your eyes with liters of tears. Still, the last thing you want is a red, cracked nose from your crying sessions, so go easy on your honker by stocking up on soft tissues that treat your skin with a bit of TLC.


 It’s packed with endorphins and you deserve a bit of comfort food. Think of chocolate as a bandage for your soul. Need I say more?

A feel-good playlist 

Forget those super-sad songs by Adele for the moment. Instead, put on some feel-good jams that make you want to dance out of your breakup hell. Trust me, you’ll feel so much better after you’ve busted out some of your best dance moves in the living room with your pajamas on.

An empty journal

 It really helps to write down what you’re feeling and thinking, especially because you probably feel like your thoughts are going around in circles. Jot them down and you’ll start processing your breakup. The sooner you do, the sooner you’ll feel better. Promise.

Hair dye

 There’s something really powerful about changing your hair after something in your life has come to an end. It’s a tangible sign that helps you to move on because when you look in the mirror and see a brand new version of yourself, it’ll motivate you to start a new chapter of your life in other ways. Plus, looking fabulous is a great confidence booster!

A picture of yourself when you were single

 Sometimes it helps to remember who you were and what your life was like before your boyfriend came along. A picture of yourself looking fabulous and living it up can go a long way to reset your attitude, so scroll through your old Facebook profile pictures. A great picture of you reminds you that you were great before that a-hole entered your life and you’ll be great again. This pain is just temporary.

The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo 

It’s not really a book about breakups, but it is a book that’s great for when you’re feeling down. It’s basically about a shepherd boy who tries to find a treasure, but along the way he meets people who teach him about destiny. It’s a lovely way to put your life back into perspective, and remember that things happen for a reason. Hey, your boyfriend leaving you two months before your wedding was probably a blessing in disguise.

Boxing gloves

 No, you don’t need these to box your ex’s ears but to get rid of all the anger and frustration you feel! Signing up to a new class at the gym, whether it’s boxing or spinning or dancing, can be a great way to give yourself a productive outlet for all those emotions. Plus, you’ll get fitter and stronger in the process, which is a nice way to boost your confidence. Strong is the new sexy!

Silver Linings Playbook

 This movie, starring Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper, is a nice way to remember that “The One” is still out there. After Bradley’s character lets go of his ex and deals with his bad breakup, he starts to realize that life has much more to offer, such as a new romance that’s been waiting for him. Plus, Bradley’s great eye candy.


Lots of bubbly things are the perfect way to give yourself a bit of pampering when you feel wounded. Think your favorite pink champagne that you were saving for your anniversary. Time to crack open that bottle, baby! Another product containing bubbles that will give you some nice TLC is a bottle of your favorite bubble bath. There’s something really soothing about lying in a hot bath filled with deliciously scented bubbles.

A new toy

 It’s easy to think that you won’t have sex or orgasms for a while until you find another guy to date. Wait, what? Don’t let such negative thinking stand in the way of your pleasure! One of the best things you can purchase after a breakup is a brand new vibrator. Try it out and you’ll see that you’re the master of your own sexual happiness and that there’s still lots of sexual pleasure to be enjoyed now that you’re single.

Expensive lingerie

 When you go through a breakup, you entertain dark thought such as, “No one’s ever going to see me in my pretty lingerie again. Might as well wear granny panties.” Err, right. Although buying sexy lingerie for yourself might seem silly, it’s a wonderful thing to do during a breakup. You’re spoiling yourself and who says you should only buy lingerie for a partner? That’s ridiculous! When you wear it for yourself, it makes you feel like a goddess, which is exactly why it should be number one on your shopping list. When you feel confident and gorgeous, you’ll be empowered to make great things happen.


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