Does My Ex Still Love Me? 13 Signs They Regret Losing You

No one goes into a relationship hoping for it to end, which is why breakups are usually devastating. A part of you can’t stop wishing that they’ll realize how much life sucks without you and come running back into your arms. Sometimes they realize it, but can’t come right out and admit it, so here are some signs that means your ex still has major feelings for you.

  1. Your ex keeps breaking the no contact rule. If they’re serious about wanting to move on, a surefire way to do it is to sever all ties with you. So the fact that your ex is still keeping in touch or hitting you up for random and silly reasons, is a great indicator that they still love you.
  2. They keep trying to show you how much they’ve changed. Are you getting updates about your ex’s life that you didn’t ask for? Are they telling about some new hobby or job they’ve taken up? We only feel the need to share news or show off accomplishments to people we care about. This probably means that your ex is interested in your approval and wants you to notice how different they are now and how much better things could be if you got back together.
  3. Your ex keeps reminiscing about the good times you had. When this happens, the intent is usually to get you to think fondly about how wonderful the relationship was before it fell apart. What your ex is subtly trying to say is, “We were happy together once before, maybe we can be again.”
  4. You’re getting drunk text messages and calls. If your ex is texting or calling you when they’ve been drinking, it means they’re still thinking about you and contemplating if letting you go was the right thing to do. It’s your choice to believe what they say during this time, but you should know there’s some truth to it.
  5. They’re showing keen interest in your love life. I couldn’t care less about who my ex is seeing or whatever their current relationship situation is. So if your ex is constantly inquiring about your love life of opening up about theirs, it could mean they haven’t moved on yet and are trying to gauge if you might be open to getting back together.
  6. They ask your friends about you a lot. When your name keeps coming up much too frequently in their conversations with your friends or family, that might be your ex’s way of letting you know they still love you. They’re obviously still invested in your life and might be regretting losing you.
  7. It’s hot and cold season. When I was trying to move on from my last relationship, I would find myself being so mad at my ex for everything I was feeling one minute. The next, I was texting them back speedily then trying to push them away again. If the energy your ex is giving off is hot and cold, it’s because they’re either trying to get your attention or sort through the affection they still feel for you.
  8. They get jealous. An ex that is over you will be indifferent about who you flirt with or who hits on you. If there are signs that they’re jealous of the romantic attention you’re getting, it means they still feel a deep connection with you. The same applies if they go out of their way to try to make you jealous.
  9. They confess their feelings for you. People don’t usually let themselves be vulnerable with their exes because they’re afraid of getting hurt again especially when the breakup was difficult. If your ex is opening up about their emotions, it’s more than likely because they still love you and are trying to reconnect with you.
  10. They make time and space for you in their lives. Saying you’d like to stay friends seems like the decent thing to do after a breakup, but it’s difficult and painful to live up to. Being friends with your ex keeps reminding you that they will never again hold you the same way and might make moving on a near-impossible task. If your ex actually makes the effort to hang out and be there for you, it means they care about you a great deal and can’t stand losing you completely.
  11. Their emotions about you are very strong. Love and hate are two sides of a coin. If your ex is terribly angry or sad or even spiteful towards you, there’s a good chance they’re just masking their true emotions.
  12. They’re avoiding dating or they’re hooking up with everyone. Few things say “I’m still in love with my ex” as clearly as swearing off relationships for the time being to focus on yourself or, on the flip side, hooking up with lots of people to get the breakup out of your system. If your ex is doing any of that, they probably regret losing you and that’s their way of showing it
  13. They take responsibility for their role in the breakup. Does your ex keep trying to discuss the reasons the relationship ended? Do they keep trying to explain the breakup? Do they take responsibility for the things they did wrong? This may be because they’re looking for closure or because they still love you and you’re still very much on their mind.
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