How To Get The “Not That Into You” Guy To Fall For You

You’ve tried to get his attention, but he’s obviously just not that into you. You’re ready to give up. Don’t do it. Sometimes those guys just need a little extra push. I’m not saying you should jump him and hope he reciprocates. I’m saying it takes some different techniques to get this type of guy to really notice you.

Don’t worry – you can usually get out of the friend zone and onto his “must date her” radar. The key here is to be patient. Remember, it’s actually okay to casually date in the meantime. It’s not like you have to devote 100% of your time to this guy. If you think he’s really worth it, it’s possible to get a guy to fall for you even if he doesn’t seem to notice you.

Be around more often. 

Maybe he’s not that into you because he only say you that one time when you were drunk. Give him a chance to see you more often and get to know you. Don’t stalk him, but make a point of showing up to more places where you know he’ll be.

Try out some of his hobbies. 

If you really want to be around him more, give some of his hobbies a chance. It might be a good idea to try out a few on your own first so you don’t look like you’re trying too hard. Besides, showing an interest and letting him help you learn lets you get up close and personal with him.

Talk about a shared interest. 

I bet if you talk to him enough or even ask his friends, you’ll find out you share a common interest. Get him to notice you and talk to you for long periods by talking about that interest. That conversation leads to more conversations and suddenly, he can’t get enough of you.

Casually date someone he knows. 

Do not date his best friend. I repeat, don’t do it! Casually start dating someone he knows, but isn’t super close to. You don’t want the bro code biting you in the ass. This guy will talk about how great you are and how much he likes you. The guy you really want starts taking notice and may even get jealous..

Let him see you flirt. 

Sometimes a guy’s just not that into you because he sees you as one of the guys. You’re the tomboy who’s always been just a friend. Let him see that you’re all woman. Show him how great of a flirt you are with some random guy. Just seeing you in action is enough to make him wonder what if.

Flirt with him, but don’t make it obvious. 

I know it doesn’t sound like a good idea, but trust me here. If you’re too obvious, you’re going to come off as clingy. He’s already not that into you. You don’t want to push it. Keep it simple. Think of it as trying to flirt with a hot guy when you were a teenager and your mom was around.

Show him you can eat. 

I don’t know what it is, but guys find it hot when a woman eats. Yes, I know you eat already, but skip trying to act ladylike. Who cares if your burger’s messy and you’ve got stuff running down your chin? You know what that makes him think of, right?

Avoid clinging to him. 

No one wants someone they’re not really interested in clinging to them all the time. A casual touch now and then is okay, but skip the hugging or leaning against him. Give him space. He has to come to you, not you climb all over him. That’ll come later.

Invite him out with friends. 

If you’re friends with him, even just casual friends, invite him along when you go out with your friends. Ideally, there should be at least one other single guy going too to make him feel more comfortable. The idea is to become closer friends and get him out of his typical group.

Show off your best side. 

Are you usually the extreme tomboy? Is it obvious it just sees you as one of his guy friends? Find a reason to get all dolled up or just wear something that shows you’re obviously not a male. It could be inviting him to a nice dinner with friends, stopping by where he normally hangs out after a supposed f ailed date. Just make a good excuse and watch his jaw drop.

Keep up the conversation, but don’t nag. 

It’s going to take time. I don’t care what you do. He’s not going to be into you after just one conversation. The key here is to get him talking to you. Don’t make him uncomfortable by constantly texting and calling. You want him to be into you, not want to avoid you.

Make it about friends for now. 

Yes, your ultimate goal is to get him to fall for you. Step one is to get him to be a close friend. Think about it. Ideally, your partner is your best friend. Start with friendship and then go from there.

Find time to spend alone. 

Get him away from the herd sometimes. It could an interest only the two of you share. Invite him out with friends who “canceled” at the last minute. The more time you spend alone with him, the more he’ll change his mind about how he feels.

Make him laugh. 

It’s hard not to be a little attracted to a woman who makes you laugh. Some guys might now want you to be funnier than them, but let him know you have a sense of humor. Laugh at his jokes when they’re funny and get him laughing too. Besides, you’re beautiful when you’re smiling and laughing.

Getting a guy to fall for you isn’t going to be your easiest mission to date. But in many cases, it is possible. Just remember, there is a point where you should give upon a guy who’s not into you. Basically, try for a while and if it works, great. If not, then he might be best as a good friend.

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