Amazon Is Selling A “Ghost Detector” That Turns Red When There’s A Spirit Nearby

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, they probably (maybe?) exist. You may have even been around one once or twice without even knowing it. Well, now you never have to spend time in the presence of the supernatural without knowing it. You just need this ghost-detecting stone from Amazon to let you know what’s around you.

It’s called the Baketan Reiseki. A Japanese company called SolidAlliance makes the device, which has actually been around since 2005 and has sold over 200,000 units since then. The stone has undergone repeated improvements, and the newest version is now available on Amazon. The rough translation of Baketan Reiseki is “stone that searches for ghosts,” so they’re pretty on the money there.

It operates in three different ways. You can use “Search mode” to manually scan your immediate area for any activity. Then there’s “Automatic search mode,” which scans the area on its own every 10 minutes to let you know if anything has changed/any spirits have entered the space. Finally, there’s “Barrier mode” which can supposedly keep you safe if any nasty ghosts enter the room, though how that is supposed to work is beyond me.

Pay attention to the colors. When the stone glows a solid green, that means you’re in the clear—there are no spirits in the area. When it turns blue, that means there’s an angel in your midst. (Yes, it can even detect the presence of angels!) Red is for ghost activity. The weird in-between colors like yellow and blue-green must mean something, but the manufacturers haven’t shared that info.

It’s all about the cracked quartz. So how can a little electronic stone detect ghost? Give all credits to the gems, apparently. In this case, it’s cracked quartz, which apparently has the power to amplify, clarify, and increase focus. I guess if anything’s going to put you in touch with the spirits, it’d be that one.

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