To Guys Who Are Only Looking To Get Laid

Sex is great, but most of us are looking for a little more from our dating lives. When we start seeing someone new, chances are we’re hoping to form a real connection rather than just having a random hook-up — and yet, so many guys seem like they’re only interested in getting laid. Screw that. If you’re one of those guys, listen up.

  1. Fun fact: sex happens in relationships, too. This might come as a huge shock, but when you’re in a relationship with someone, you actually have not only a partner you get to love and spend your days with, but you also have someone who wants to have sex with you regularly. Plus, sex with someone you genuinely care about is actually so much more enjoyable. You can have both, you know.
  2. Your lifestyle is a health risk. Let’s not forget about the extra looming possibility that sooner or later, you could contract and spread an STI to someone. You might be playing it safe most of the time, but hopping partner to partner and slipping up just once is all it takes.
  3. The more women you sleep with, the less you appeal to new women you meet. It might seem like all fun and games right now, but eventually your obsession with bedding anything that moves is going to be a big turn-off to the one woman you find you want to get serious with. Sure, you can lie about your past, not mention it at all, or believe that the right one won’t care, but she might when truth eventually comes out.
  4. A man’s reputation gets around too. Women have been slut-shamed for years for racking up their score cards, yet men aren’t looked at twice for the same behavior — but that’s all changing now. Men who are only looking for another place to stick their penises are becoming a huge turn-off. It’s OK to love sex, of course — it’s just not OK to lead someone to believe you give a damn about them when all you really want is to hit it and quit.
  5. Stop messing around with the women who want more. While there are many women out there that are perfectly content with the no strings attached arrangement that you want, many of us aren’t cool with it. Start being a little more considerate, and if a woman is looking for a relationship and to have love in her life, leave her the hell alone if you don’t want the same. Seriously, we would rather be spared the wasted time and emotions.
  6. As a certain age, it makes you look immature. If you’re well into your 30s and still making your rounds at the bars, creeping your potentials at last call and spending mindless time swiping right on Tinder hoping for your next roll in the hay, it’s time to stop and take a good look in the mirror. Is this what you really want? Remember, sex is temporary, but having the right person to love is forever.
  7. The notches on your belt won’t make being alone at 50 feel any better. Unless you’re Hugh Heffner, you’re going to wake up one day and realize you’ve wasted a lot of time chasing an orgasm than you actually spent getting to know the women you got them from. Again, there’s nothing wrong with casual sex, but that should be mutual. If you’re playing women and then dumping them when you’ve had your fill, you’re going to be a sad, lonely old man.
  8. We’re over it. We’re sick of only encountering men who aren’t looking for anything more than a meaningless hook-up, and many of us are growing all the wiser bypassing you completely. When we see your shirtless profile picture on Tinder with the caption “just looking for a good time,” we don’t think you’re hot or appealing — we think you’re an idiot. In the end, we know you’re definitely entitled to look for what you want, but stop looking for it from the women who not only want, but deserve more. Sooner or later, you’ll get tired of temporary satisfaction and realize the void is much greater than sex, and you’ll want more too. But by then, it might be too late for you.