Are Guys Really Attracted To “Crazy” Women? 10 Guys Speak Out

It seems like some guys only date women who love a bit of drama or come across as “crazy” due to their irrational behavior or actions. It may be surprising to the rest of the male population who prefer to have a laid-back partner and an easier, “smooth-sailing” type of lifestyle. However, according to these Reddit threads (1, 2, 3), there are certain reasons why some guys opt for anything but.

A “crazy” person equals crazy in bed. 

“They are a level up from their sane sisters in bed, and they tend to have high sex drives.” The number one reason why guys are attracted to “crazy” women is because they’re much more passionate than their “non-crazy” counterparts—and this passion ultimately makes them amazing sexual partners.

Being “crazy” translates to being crazy in love with them. 

“Guys aren’t drawn so much to the crazy itself, but to the intensity of the good moments. All her emotions are super high energy. She’s insanely horny, she’s madly in love/lust with you, she’s deliriously happy with you, she admires you as something like deity—and she doesn’t even ask all that much of you, just that you play along.” Basically, women who are highly emotional may sometimes have a lot of negative feelings towards their guy, but they’ll mostly be nothing but positive. And if you’re a man who lacks self-confidence, who wouldn’t want to be with someone who appears to loves them so much?

It keeps them on their toes. 

“The same reason girls like jerks.” If a woman is argumentative and intense, some guys like this just as much as some ladies like a bad boy. This is because they like a bit of a challenge. They want to be the one that “tames” them. They also get the best of both worlds—a lady in the presence of company but a “psycho” behind closed doors.

The relationship is never boring. 

“She’s a different woman every day. It’s like cheating with none of the guilt.” Just as much they love to be kept on their toes, guys typically don’t like the “boring” or “mundane.” A relationship with a dramatic person is much more interesting than the average relationship—some may even call it “fun.” Plus, the guy doesn’t need to look elsewhere to keep himself entertained when he’s already dealing with multiple personalities.

They love the unpredictability. 

“There is always tension. You never know what will happen next…” Similarly, some guys don’t like being in predictable and seemingly “perfect” relationships. They don’t want to be comfortable—they want to be excited. Every. Single. Day.

Crazy attracts crazy. 

“If a guy likes a crazy girl, it’s because he’s crazy too.” Sometimes opposites attract but other times “birds of a feather flock together.” If a guy is happy to stay with a woman he considers “dramatic,” then this is usually down to the fact that he’s exactly the same way. 

It may be all they know. 

“It’s usually a self-esteem issue on the guy’s part. If you look deeper it’s not just crazy they seek out, their whole way of life is really flawed as well. To be honest it’s not something that they consciously choose. It’s what they are attracted to.” According to some guys, they just can’t help but be attracted to dramatic women. Maybe they grew up surrounded by dramatic females or they’ve only ever dated this type of personality. Either way, they realize that nobody is perfect and “everybody has a little crazy built-in.” Therefore, they’re happy to stay in their comfort zones and be with someone who is simply more open about it.

Some mistake intensity for love. 

“A lot of these relationship addicts mistake intensity for love. Usually, they get the worst types of undatable people, narcissists, or worse.” Similarly, those guys who struggle with insecurity or other deeper issues may find themselves being drawn to strong, “dramatic” women that over-compensate for whatever they’re lacking.

Some guys don’t like dating dramatic women but are settling. 

“I’d say most people don’t like them, but people would rather settle for a crazy than go through the effort of finding a good woman.” Some guys aren’t necessarily compatible with dramatic women, or down for the “crazy,” but they simply don’t want to make the effort to find someone they might be better suited to. In this case, more fool them.

It often creates a toxic relationship

“The crazies are usually really intense and passionate, it’s intoxicating and almost unavoidable even if you do recognize the crazy early on.” Finally, according to some guys, it’s difficult to get out of a toxic relationship with a “crazy” lady once you find yourself in one. That said, if the drama is all-consuming and becomes too much to handle for both of you, perhaps it’s time to call it a day.

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