What Happens When You Let A Good Woman Go

If you’ve ever let an amazing woman go, you’ll eventually come to regret it. You may think (or hope) she’s still pining after you, but you’re probably wrong. Even though she may have been devastated when you broke her heart, she soon recovers and becomes braver and stronger than ever — and that’s just the beginning. Since you’re not privileged enough to be privy to her life now, here’s a peek into what she’s going through as she leaves you in the dust.

  1. She lets it all out. They say hell hath no fury than a woman scorned, but with a good woman, it’s infinitely worse. Sure, she cries and curses you plenty in the beginning, but deep down she knows the best form of revenge isn’t blowing up your phone or sending you nasty emails — it’s going on to live a happy life without you in it. In the meantime, she rants to her friends and maybe even journals the feelings she has so she can release them from her for good.
  2. She lets her pain fuel her. Once the dust settles, she takes action. She uses the scorched earth beneath her to rise above the BS mess you made of her heart. Not only does she aim to repair herself, but she improves herself in ways you live to regret. Everything you once wanted her to be will be only a fraction of what she becomes.
  3. She seeks to improve herself. It’s not just about taking up new hobbies and getting a new look — she carries herself with a new-found sense of confidence. When a good woman gets hurt, she lets the pain guide her to become an even better woman going forward. Sure, you may have broken her heart, but remember this — she’s back on the market and you had your chance. She’s not wasting any time crying over you when she could be on her way to an even better life ahead.
  4. She gets even stronger than before. Each time a good woman’s heart is tested, it gets stronger. She’ll be damned if she lets that stuff crumble to ashes at the hands of a man who isn’t worth it. A strong woman is merely the product of being screwed over plenty of times, and that’s what makes her brilliant and amazing — she’s resilient. She probably doesn’t even realize the things she’s capable of right away, but she soon will.
  5. She looks at the big picture. She’ll wipe the picture she painted with you clear from her memories and focus on a story that’s yet to be written. Why would she waste her time and energy focusing on someone who didn’t appreciate what he had when he had it? She’d rather look at the grander picture, which is that you were a chapter of her journey that’s now over.
  6. She goes out and gets noticed. When you let a good woman go, you can bet that someone else will see what you didn’t. She gets noticed not just because she’s amazing, but because she radiates her strength and happiness for having survived being broken before. She’s not sitting around pining for you because she knows there’s someone out there who will see her for the vibrant, incredible woman she is.
  7. She forgets all about you. When she starts to get over you, she does it all the way. A good woman won’t beg you to stay and she certainly won’t waste her energy thinking about you often, either. If it’s over, you no longer exist. You were just a ripple in her heartbeat.
  8. She’s appreciated by someone who deserves her. The day will come when you were merely a pit stop on the road to someone who truly makes her happy. When you let a good woman go, a better man eventually comes along to show her what she’s been searching for all along — and it was never you.
  9. She becomes your loss, not the other way around. The good woman is the one who got away and it’s because you let her go. If at the time you thought she wouldn’t be able to survive without you or that you were the one meant for greater things, think again. Not only did you let an amazing woman slip from your grip, but you just made her infinitely more incredible because of it — and you’ll be the one who misses out.