This Harry Potter Crochet Kit Comes With A Wand-Shaped Hook

This Harry Potter Crochet Kit Comes With A Wand-Shaped Hook | Amazon

You’re doing a great job with social distancing and staying in while the world is falling apart outside, but you’re getting a little restless, right? You’ve watched everything on Netflix and you’ve eaten all the snacks and now you’re kinda bored. Well, why not take up a new hobby and get crafty with this Harry Potter crochet kit*? You’ll stay busy AND have something cool at the end of it!

  1. You get all the supplies you need to make two toys. The Harry Potter crochet kit not only comes with instructions but it also includes yarn, stuffing, needle and thread, and safety eye beads so you can make a little Harry Potter amigurumi doll as well as a Dobby doll. Pretty sweet!
  2. The kit even includes a wand-shaped crochet hook! This is a Harry Potter kit we’re talking about here, so of course there had to be at least one magical accessory, right? The crochet hook included is shaped like a wand which is an adorable and super fun touch.
  3. The booklet also includes instructions for 10 other characters too. The 76-page, full-color instruction booklet included with the Harry Potter crochet kit has directions for making loads of other character dolls from Dumbledore and Hagrid to Ron, Hermione, and even Hedwig. You’ll need to get your own yarn for those, but with the book, you’re already halfway there.
  4. You have nothing better to do right now, so why not? Crafting is a great pastime and definitely worthwhile, especially under the current circumstances. You can even watch some of the Harry Potter movies and have some themed snacks like butterbeer and Bertie Bott’s while you work if you’d like! While you’re stuck in the house, you have to make your own fun, right?
  5. So how can you get it? For only $16.47, you can grab the kit on Amazon and be crafting in no time. Get yours HERE. Happy crocheting!

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