Haven’t Blocked Your Ex Yet? Here Are 9 Reasons You Definitely Should

After a breakup, you’re either you’re reduced to awkward acquaintances or one of you still thinks there’s a chance to rekindle the relationship based on the “friendship” when that’s not really the case. Thus, it’s incredibly important for you to block your ex. Consider the benefits:

You don’t have to hear about their new girlfriend.

Even if you hated this guy, you’ll be tempted to compare yourself to his new girlfriend because that’s just natural. This poor girl doesn’t need any judgment, nor do you need to worry about accidentally liking an Instagram photo of hers from two years ago. If you block your ex, you’ll block your knowledge of his next relationship.

You’ll be saving your next boyfriend from ridicule as well.

If your ex really thought you two would get back together, it’s best for everyone if you protected your new guy from getting weird DMs from your ex. Sure, he may figure it out eventually, especially if the two of you have mutual friends. However, it’ll add an extra step on his part.

It’s a way to prove to him that you’re out of his life completely.

There’s no hope for drunken text messages or sad, lonely, flirty statuses about missing someone special. You might get an urge to post something for his eyes only, but knowing he’s already blocked will save you a lot of time and embarrassment. It also proves to him that you won’t be openly sneaking a peek at his profiles whenever you want. It’s the digital way of saying “I’m out.”

You’ll feel free.

The anxiety of seeing your ex on your feed is too much to handle, whether it’s his dorky tweets or his website overshares on Facebook. Imagine that feeling you’ll get when it’s 2 a.m. and you get a random snap from him? Shut it down completely and free yourself from the burden of the relationship aftermath. There’s a good chance you two don’t have anything more to talk about, so kick him out of your brain for good.

It sends a message to everyone else.

People often know when celebs have broken up before it gets reported online, all thanks to social media. Since blocking or unfollowing someone is the ultimate “over it” move, many people do it the second they know that something has gone sour. If your friends notice you’re no longer following your ex or even talking about your ex on social media, they’ll know it ended badly without any additional words needed.

Your brain may rewrite history if you keep looking at his social media accounts.

If he still keeps photos of the two of you up, that’s his business. But those photos might make you forget about the bad times and only focus on the good. If the breakup was over something small and petty, that’s one thing, but if it was a major breakup after severe differences, those pictures might make you forget that you’re both incredibly incompatible.

It feels powerful to block him first.

This is minor but it still counts. You feel a sense of power and control when you’re the one to take that big action first. Even if he was the one to initiate the breakup, at least you can be the one who blocks their phone number and profiles.

It’ll speed up the process of getting over him.

The breakup itself could have been awful. You might have been sensing it was over for months before it was made official, but that doesn’t mean you still don’t hurt. This is the guy you dedicated a ton of your time to, so even if he was kind of a jerk, it’s still normal to miss him a little in the very beginning. When he’s out of sight, he’s out of mind, otherwise, you’ll start the grieving process all over again every time his profile photo pops up.

If he broke your heart in a bad way, he doesn’t deserve to be called your “friend.”

If you two broke up because he cheated or lied to you, why do you want to have any association with this guy anymore? He’s proved he can’t even provide you with a basic friendship and deceived you in the worst way. Cut off all association with him pronto and be happy he’s out of your life in every way possible.

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