Here’s What It Really Means To Be An Old Soul

Old souls are people who seem to be beyond their years at heart, regardless of their actual ages. They’re intelligent, connected, and aware. These spirits are quite special people. Here are 13 signs that you’re one of them:

People have told you you’re wise beyond your years. 

You can’t even begin to count the number of times others have complimented you on your intelligence by commenting that you’re wise beyond your years. People often see you as having a ton of wisdom, way more than what makes sense for how long you’ve been alive.

Friends regularly come to you for advice. 

With all the knowledge in your head, you often know just what to say when a friend is in trouble. It’s not that you think you know everything, but you do have a deep well of information to offer to the ones you love. As a result, your friends come right to you when they’re feeling uncertain about life.

Staying in is much more appealing to you than going out. 

You love people and all, but you draw your energy from being alone. As so much information is swirling through your head all day long, you need to give yourself a rest. If given the choice, you’d definitely choose a night in doing your favorite hobby instead of a wild night out.

Alone time isn’t just valuable, it’s a necessity. 

Perhaps you’re an introvert. You definitely relish in spending time all by yourself. You know that it’s a beautiful opportunity to think, play, and grow. Rather than trying to fill a void by using other people or busy activities, you’re totally comfortable in being alone and not doing much.

You’re incredibly introspective and self-aware. 

All day long you’re pondering the meaning of life, choices, and who you are. You’re constantly aware of who you are and what you’re doing. You spend a lot of time in thought trying to make meaning out of everything that you do. This makes you wildly self-aware in comparison to peers.

People have dubbed you a weirdo. 

You’ve heard on several occasions that others think you’re strange. They have told you you’re a weirdo because you’re “out there.” You’re not afraid to explore bizarre ideas, activities, and people. You know that life is more complicated than what your average human understands and you want to experience all of it.

You’re always looking for a deeper meaning in life. 

It never satisfies you to hear one answer about a situation — you always go digging for a deeper meaning. You also find great comfort in ideas like fate, miracles, and unexplainable phenomena. You love looking under the surface in a situation at something that someone else might miss.

You’re a spiritual being. 

Spirituality calls to your spirit. Being such a deep, intellectual, and emotional creature, you’re drawn to spiritual principles and practices. Maybe you’re drawn to one religion in particular or you’ve created a medley of parts of different spiritualities that work for you. Either way, you’re connected to something bigger than yourself.

You feel as if you’ve lived many lifetimes. 

You can’t quite explain what your feelings to someone who doesn’t understand, but you feel in your gut as if you’ve been on earth or elsewhere before. It’s like you’ve done certain things despite not having done them in this lifetime. It’s hard to explain to others, so you don’t really talk about it.

Sometimes you’re sure you were born in the wrong era. 

There’s a particular period of time that you really connect with and wish you could have experienced. It’s not that you think things were better in “simpler times,” only that you can appreciate the quaint difference between eras and find them pretty romantic.

Most of your friends are older than you. 

Looking around at the company you keep, you see that you happen to have a lot of friends who are older than you. You love to surround yourself with others who have tons of life experience. This even means hanging out with elderly people sometimes. You can’t help but feel like you strangely fit in.

You can tell a kindred spirit when you see one. 

A cool thing about being an old soul is that you’re really intense. You feel out life viscerally through your intuition. In doing so, it becomes very obvious when you’ve met another old soul. The two of you nod at each other because you know that you’re kindred spirits.

You never settle for less when looking for a life-companion. 

With so much deep experience and wisdom, you don’t have any time to waste. You’re well aware of how valuable and lovely life is and this translates right into your dating life. You seek a life companion, you don’t play games or accept any treatment that’s less-than. After all, you know you’re a special spirit.

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