Hero Husky Finds Abandoned Baby In Local Park

Dogs truly are man’s best friend, and there’s no shortage of stories of them coming to the rescue of human beings. Take, for instance, an incident in Birmingham, England, where a husky named Hel managed to find an abandoned baby at a local park. Hel’s instincts helped save the little one’s life.

  1. Hel’s owner, Terry Walsh, thinks it was divine intervention. While dogs are incredibly smart and have a keen sense of smell, Walsh believes that Hel was also meant to find the infant before it came to any harm. He says that Hel was “sent from heaven to rescue a newborn baby boy,” per Birmingham Live.
  2. They were just taking a walk when the incident occurred. While Hel and Walsh were out for their dinnertime walk one Thursday afternoon, Hel was drawn to a pile of blankets and alerted his owner to something being amiss.
  3. Walsh was shocked to see the baby wrapped in the blankets. He admitted that had Hel not alerted him, he would have walked right by without thinking twice! “I turned round to grab hold of Hel so she didn’t walk over the glass, and she went off to the blanket, lying next to it, and started nudging it with her nose very gently,” Walsh recalled.
  4. Hel nudged the sleeping baby to wake up and it began to cry. Once Walsh heard the cry, he immediately went to pick the baby up. Not once did Hel try to bite or attack the baby, like many dogs might have done. Thankfully, no other animals had gotten to the child either. “A bigger dog or another dog with a different temperament might well have just ripped and tugged at the blanket and the baby could have been treated like a rag doll and then you’ve also got the foxes and the rats and everything in there. How would they treat a baby?” Walsh questioned.
  5. Hel has since been dubbed a hero for saving the little one’s life. While the baby was thankfully in good health, it was said to be only a few hours old and in dire need of care. He was taken to a hospital and later named George. Not only that, but the local police department say he’s doing well and is being looked after.
  6. Surveillance footage showed a woman presumed to be the baby’s mother walking along the road where he was found. West Midlands Police appealed to the public to help identify and find her, especially since she too would likely have needed medical care. It took eight months to find her, but eventually, they did.
  7. Police urged the public not to judge George’s mother for abandoning him in the park. “As stated in our public appeals, our priority was always to ensure mom was safe and supported. We can confirm that no further action will be taken by us and, with partners, we are ensuring that she is getting the appropriate support and care she needs,” a statement said (via The Daily Mail). “This is a very upsetting case, we would ask you not to speculate any further, as this is deeply distressing for those concerned.”

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