If He’s “The One,” You Won’t Have To Chase Him

Sometimes it’s hard to play it cool when you’ve been single for a while and finally meet a guy who makes you feel like maybe love does exist after all. While you should never hide or downplay your real feelings, you also shouldn’t be doing all the work. After all, if he’s actually “The One,” you won’t have to chase him — he’ll be right there with you the whole way.

  1. If he lets you get away, it’s his loss. If the guy you like lets you out of his reach, it’s a clear signal for you to keep moving along. You’ll save yourself a lot of anxiety and stress by letting things fall into place naturally rather than trying to force them. No amount of cute and witty texts or obvious attempts at seeking attention are going to get a guy who’s not meant for you to come around. Save yourself the trouble and save the effort for someone who will give you the attention you deserve.
  2. You have more confidence than to chase after a guy. You should have enough confidence and faith in yourself to know that when that perfect guy for you finally enters your world, things will happen naturally and seamlessly right from the start. No relationship is perfect, but when it comes to forming the foundation of your forever, it shouldn’t be that complicated. You shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to keep him interested.
  3. Real men don’t need to be chased. A real man doesn’t need you to play games or stroke his ego by falling all over him to see that you’re worth it. A mature guy knows the worth of a strong, independent, grown woman like yourself and he won’t be able to keep himself away from you long enough for you to even think about chasing him. If you want the real happy ending, it starts with being happy with just yourself and allowing the right people to enter your life and stay there on their own terms, not because you baited them to.
  4. Fate has a way of working itself out. The most memorable love stories happen because they were meant to, not because they were forced to. It might seem tempting to constantly go after a guy who seems irreplaceable, but you’ll regret it in the long run, especially if he keeps running away from you. Trust in the process and know that the right guy for you isn’t someone who you’ll need to sacrifice your sanity for.
  5. You deserve a guy who’s going to work to earn you. You deserve to have a guy in your life who is going to make a real effort to show you he gives a genuine crap about you and you shouldn’t accept anything less. If you feel like he’s constantly pulling away every time you come closer and that you’re working harder to keep the communication flowing and the dates continuing, stop and give yourself a reality check. Is this a 50/50 effort? If not, keep on moving forward and find someone who’s actually worthy of your affection — this guy isn’t.
  6. If a guy is truly into you, nothing will stop him from showing it. It’s true when they say that if a man is super into you, he won’t hide it. He’ll openly pursue you and keep in touch with you, no matter what. It’s time that we stop letting these other BS behaviors slide and start calling a spade a spade. If you’re chasing him, he’s just not that into you.
  7. Accepting the brutal truth will be better for you in the long run. It might be hard to accept the bottom line, but it’s the absolute truth. If a guy is being chased by you, it means he’s running away — why would you want someone who’s running away from you in the first place? Having dignity and respect for yourself means not allowing the chase to commence at all. If he’s getting away from you, let that jerk go.
  8. The right guy will be yours, no exceptions. Meeting the guy that’s truly meant for you should feel good and chasing someone who doesn’t seem super into you never feels good. Before you decide to go above and beyond to gain a guy’s attention and affection, remember this: if he’s truly The One, you won’t need to chase him.