Send These 10 Texts And Your Guy Will Love You

Texting is the easiest and fastest way to communicate with your guy but sometimes it can get stale. Keeping your relationship fun and exciting might feel like work but it doesn’t have to be. Try these 10 texts and watch your guy fall head over heels for you all over again.

  1. “I respect you for ______.” Letting your guy know what you respect about him is important. It’s a known fact that women love being adored but guys like it too—they’re only human after all. It’ll boost his ego and shows you appreciate his hard work who he is as a person.
  2. “I got us two tickets to the Giants game tonight. Be ready!” Guys are typically the ones who are supposed to surprise us, but why not turn the tables on him? Get tickets to a concert he’s wanted to see or that sports game he’s been talking about for weeks. It’ll make the relationship more equal and likely inspire him to treat you to something you’ve been eyeing in the future. Guys can feel the pressure to dazzle us, but throw him off and see how excited he gets when you whip out those tickets. Sometimes it’s better to give than receive, especially when you see the smile you put on his face.
  3. “How about we skip the dinner out and just get pizza?” Dates are held to such high standards now (at least in our heads) that guys might feel the need to constantly impress us. Social media also plays a role when extravagant Friday night dates are constantly bragged about on Instagram and Facebook. Take the pressure off your guy and opt for pizza and Netflix in your pajamas. Not only will you both enjoy the relaxation but you’ll be saving a few dollars. Keeping the fancy dinners for special occasions will also give you something to look forward to.
  4. “Your friends are cool! I really like them.” Meeting your guy’s friends can be just as nerve-racking as meeting his family for you and him. You want to come off as fun and cool around his friends. He also wants everyone to get along so there’s no pressure on him to choose sides. Sending a text and letting him know that you like his friends is important and he’ll definitely appreciate it.
  5. “I’m not used to guys doing ______. You’re the best.” When you’ve been dating for awhile, it’s good to remind your guy that you’re choosing him over other guys. It’s also a nice way to let him know that he does things for you that none of your exes ever did. Let him know that you love how he always remembers to wish you a good day at work or how he lets you eat the last piece of pizza.
  6. “Thank you—you always give me the best advice.” When crappy things happen and you need life advice, you turn to the people you love and respect most. If you’re in a relationship, no doubt your boyfriend is one of those people, and his feedback helps you get a handle on the situation and conquer it. After the problem is taken care of, don’t forget to thank him. Letting him know that you seek him out for your life advice will give him confidence and make him feel appreciated and respected.
  7. “I was having the worst day but you made me feel so much better. I really appreciate you.” The word “appreciate” is the most undervalued word in relationships.  Appreciation helps your guy feel unique and special, which strengthens your love for one another and helps you feel closer. There’s nothing worse than being taken for granted so knowing he’s not is important.
  8. *Booty pic* This is a classic move to pull that works any time of day and will ALWAYS get a response from your guy. It’ll not only make you feel hot but it’ll also get him hot. Guys love when you’re a little risqué and aren’t afraid to show some skin via text. It’ll also reignite a flame in your relationship if it’s getting too routine as well. He’ll love that you decided to send it without any input from him too.
  9. “Next time we hang out, don’t wear that shirt. It gives you too much of an advantage.” After a date night or a cute selfie of him at work, shoot him this text and it’ll trigger his pleasure sensors. This trick is easy and will stick with him until he can see you again. It’ll draw him in whenever he looks at the shirt you complimented. He’ll remember what you said and it’ll make him feel special.
  10. “Don’t worry about texting me back right away, I know you’re busy with work. Text me when you’re done.” This text is a goldmine when it comes to making him feel comfortable when he’s away from you. It’ll also make him miss you and take the pressure off getting back to you right away. There’s nothing more annoying than multiple texts or asking why someone isn’t answering or where they are. He’ll love and appreciate the fact you respect his work or friend time. It’ll also show him that you have your own life and your own things and don’t need his constant attention.
28-year-young writer with a love for reality TV, boy bands, Tinder, and being the most bad ass single lady on the East Coast.