Is He A Great Guy Or Just A Time-Suck? Here’s How You Know

Whether you’re in the early or developed stages of a relationship, it isn’t always easy to tell whether or not the person you’re with is sticking around for. Even if you really like him, be aware of these signs that suggest you could do better:

  1. He doesn’t do what he says he will. Are you constantly being let down because he just can’t keep his word? You should be able to consistently count on someone to be there for you when they say they will. A guy who says one thing and does another simply can’t be trusted. If he doesn’t follow through, then he’s not worth your energy.
  2. He hates talking about the future. Even the slightest mention of something into the future will scare a guy that you’re wasting time with. In his mind, he either doesn’t see you in it or is just too much of a wimp to think about it. You need a man, not a boy, so quit dealing with a guy who refuses to plan anything beyond a Friday night date.
  3. He doesn’t see eye to eye with you. You shouldn’t be arguing all the time, and you definitely shouldn’t be stressing out over reaching a solution when it’s hopeless to begin with. Someone who you’re wasting your time with will just cause stress and anxiety over the fact that you two simply don’t have much in common. Save yourself the agony and move on from him.
  4. He’s unreliable. Can you honestly say that you can count on him? If you were to text or call him and tell him to come to where you are, or if you needed genuine advice, would he step up to the plate? We all have that one person we go to when we’re feeling vulnerable, and if your partner can’t fulfill that role, you can do better. You need someone you can actually rely on.
  5. He laughs at you when you’re being dead serious. If he sort of mocks you when you’re being honest and sincere, he’s being cruel whether or not he’s trying to be. Even if he’s normally a huge goofball, he should be taking things seriously when you are. If it means a lot to you, it should to him as well. Don’t waste your time with someone who laughs at you instead of with you.
  6. You feel like you care more than he does. The lazier and less involved a guy is, the less likely it is that he’s actually invested in this relationship. If you feel like you care more, than more often than not you do. You should be spending time with someone who puts just as much effort in as you do.
  7. You question if he even likes you. You should never have to question is your partner is actually into you or not, but you might end up doing so if you’re with a guy who’s just wasting your time. You should feel confident in knowing that he’s all about you instead of wondering what you can do to make him like you more.
  8. You can’t seem to break down his walls. If he can’t open up to you about anything, how can you expect to have a healthy relationship? There’s a reason he isn’t telling you everything, and it’s usually because he isn’t comfortable enough or is emotionally unavailable all together. Neither possibility is ideal when deciding if you want to be with someone or not.
  9. You suspect he’s seeing someone else. You shouldn’t have to questions if he’s not taking you seriously enough to stay loyal to you. You don’t deserve that, and it isn’t fair for anyone in the situation. Don’t waste your time if you even think for a second he could be a player.
  10. Your gut is telling you that it’s wrong. If you’re feeling confused and lost about everything that has to do with you two, just move on. There are guys out there willing to be everything you want and need, so don’t feel worried about being forever alone just because you leave someone who isn’t making you completely happy. You deserve to feel secure about your relationship, and if you’re not, you’re not doing yourself any favors by sticking around.
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