Hilary Duff: ‘I Drink Coffee To Stave Off Hunger Like Gwyneth Paltrow’

Back in March, Gwyneth Paltrow hit the headlines for revealing what she “eats” in a day, which basically consists of coffee, bone broth, and a few vegetables. Everyone understandably thought this was pretty bonkers (not to mention incredibly unhealthy), but no one was all that surprised. After all, this is the woman who sells yoni eggs and a candle that smells like her vagina. However, now other stars are getting on board too. Hilary Duff says that she agrees with Gwyneth Paltrow’s approach to nutrition. In fact, she often downs coffee in order to “stave off hunger” and avoid eating real food.

Duff did an interview on the “Lipstick on the Rim” podcast, where she admitted that she often wakes up hungry. This is totally natural, of course, especially when, you know, you barely eat actual food. However, instead of nourishing her body with what it’s asking her for, she pours herself a nice big mug of coffee and hopes the hunger goes away on its own.

“I’m obsessed with those cauliflower rounds,” she began, talking about cutting up cauliflower and putting it in the air fryer before eating it with an egg or some avocado. “It looks like a pita, but it’s small. Like a little Mexican taco shape, like that. But they’re just cauliflower. And maybe one other thing. They’re super clean.”


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Ignore the fact that there’s no such thing as “clean” or “dirty” food and you might think, “Hey, Hilary Duff isn’t following the Gwyneth Paltrow diet after all – she actually eats.” However, that story seemed to be a precursor to saying that while she likes those cauliflower rounds, she doesn’t often allow herself to actually eat them.

“Sometimes I try to — you know, Gwyneth’s in trouble for saying this — but sometimes, I try to just drink coffee in the morning and stave off my hunger,” she continued.

Ugh, there’s the kicker.

Duff went on to say that in addition to restricting her food intake, she somehow conjures up the energy to do “a lot of cardio” including hiking and “tons of tennis.” She seems to favor cardio over building muscle with strength training because she’s terrified of getting “too bulky.” As she admitted, “I would love to have the skinniest little pencil arms.”

Fucking hell! It really sucks that it’s 2023 and we’re still having this conversation about women feeling like they need to shrink themselves and take up as little space as possible. Obviously, eating well and exercising is important for overall health. However, severely restricting calorie intake or exercising to excess in order to look “tiny” or uphold some bizarrely unrealistic and damaging standard of female aesthetic perfection is absolutely nuts. What’s even more troubling is that Duff (and plenty other of women in her position) clearly think this is normal to the point that they’re totally comfortable admitting their dysfunctional relationships with their bodies publicly. How depressing.

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