Don’t Be Fooled — His Social Media Is Misleading You

Whenever you develop a crush, your first instinct is to search through his Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to figure out what kind of guy he really is. While you might be able to find out what types of bands and television shows that he likes, you won’t find out much more than that. Why? Because his social media can mislead you. You don’t want to base your opinion of him off of the pictures he uploads and the statuses he writes, because they could be portraying him completely wrong.

  1. He’s a party animal. Sure, his Instagram might be filled with pictures of him drinking with large groups of friends, but that doesn’t mean he gets out of the house more than you do. It just means that he takes photos whenever he actually has weekend plans in order to look social. The rest of the time, when he’s lounging on the couch with Netflix, he isn’t going to be snapping selfies.
  2. He has plenty of friends. The amount of Facebook friends he has doesn’t determine how many friends he has in “real life.” Think about all of the times you’ve gotten an alert for someone’s birthday, but didn’t write on their wall, because you barely knew them. It’s the same for him.
  3. He always looks flawless. Why would he upload unflattering pictures onto the Internet for the world to see? He deletes the ones where his stomach looks flabby and his chin looks layered, just like the rest of us do. It might’ve taken him an hour to get the sexy shot you’re seeing on your phone.
  4. He’s witty. Don’t assume that the clever statuses he creates are actually his own. He might’ve stolen the words from song lyrics, a show he likes, or a stranger on the bus. He’s not as deep as he seems.
  5. He’s single. Some men won’t list their partner as their girlfriend on Facebook, because they want to keep their private life private. Even if there’s no trace of a girl in his pictures, you don’t know who he’s messaging whenever he logs on. He might already be taken, so don’t assume he’s single.
  6. He’s young. If you’ve never met him in real life, don’t assume that he’s telling the truth over social media. It’s easy for an old man to upload fake pictures onto his account. You don’t want to get catfished.
  7. He’s in a happy relationship. Don’t let a sappy Facebook status get you down. Just because a man uploads pictures of him kissing his girlfriend and writes statuses about how in love he is doesn’t mean that his relationship is actually going well. He might be overcompensating online, because he knows he’s about to lose her.
  8. He’s close with his family. Sure, his long post about how much he loves his mom on Mother’s Day might seem sweet, but it could be the only interaction he has with her all year. That post might’ve been his substitute for a phone call, so don’t assume that he’s close with his family, just because he posts occasional statues about them.
  9. He’s obsessed with himself. Social media can make anyone look self-absorbed. After all, the point of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is to talk about your life and post pictures of yourself. That’s why you shouldn’t assume that a guy is vain, just because his accounts are filled with selfies. He’s using the platform for its intended purpose.
  10. He’s fine. Most of the time, the happiest looking people are the most depressed. If you’re searching through your ex’s social media accounts for signs that he’s missing you, and you don’t find any, it doesn’t mean that the breakup didn’t affect him. He just doesn’t want the world to see how upset he is.
Holly Riordan is a writer from Long Island, New York who has authored several science fiction and horror books. A graduate of Stony Brook University, she has spent nearly a decade writing for publications including Thought Catalog, Huffington Post, Teen Vogue, and more. You can find her on Instagram @hollyrio and Twitter @hollyyrio.