Ghosting is probably the douchiest thing you can do to a person. This is most definitely the case if the person who’s being ghosted hasn’t done anything wrong and it’s simply a matter of the ghoster not being able to grow up and end things like a adult. On the flip side, there are some people who totally deserve to be ghosted in the harshest way possible. Here are 13 types of guys who totally deserve this “special” treatment:

The guy who cheated on you.

Total no-brainer here. I mean, you shouldn’t even stick around for an excuse because you know it’s going to be a big, fat, steaming pile of horse poop. Ghost the hell out of him stat.

The guy who says he’s in an open relationship but isn’t.

While he may not be cheating on you, he’s cheating on a fellow woman, which means he’s the worst. Cheaters, no matter who they’re cheating on, should always be ghosted. It’s not even up for debate.

The guy who only wants to hang out when he’s drunk.

Unless you like being a booty call — and some of us do, which is totally fine — you need to ghost this guy. You can give yourself more than a few epic orgasms without his assistance.

The guy who’s a little too obsessed with your best friend.

Yeah, you get it; your best friend is hot and funny and smart and magical— that’s why she’s your best friend! But when he starts making cracks about dumping you for her or getting a threesome going, ghost him stat. Sure, she’d never hook up with him, but you don’t need that BS with your head.

The guy who makes you feel like crap about yourself.

You are not crap. Even on your crappiest days, you are not crap. Since that is an absolute fact, no one should ever treat you like crap. If they do, you erase their number, block them all social media platforms, and forget their name.

The guy who uses you to get back at an ex.

I’m all for revenge sex after getting dumped, but when it’s being done strictly to make another person jealous AND you’re the one in the middle, you gotta ghost him. You can certainly find someone who thinks more of you than being just some pawn in a stupid, childish scheme.

The guy who manipulates the hell out of you.

Although it takes awhile to realize you’re being manipulated, the second you see it, you need to ghost the guy. Manipulators manipulate forever; it’s not like a phase they go through.

The guy who treats you like you’re his own personal bank.

Gross. A deadbeat? No thanks. You work hard for your money, so he better treat you right (cue the ‘80s song). The loser is never going to get a job as long as you’re footing the bills for things.

The guy with the raging jealousy issues.

While a little jealousy is OK, raging jealousy is scary. You don’t need that in your life, especially since you’re loyal as the day is long. Ghost the jerk.

The guy who can never admit to others that you’re together.

Secret sex is one thing, but a secret relationship in which you’re made to feel like you’re an embarrassment is something else — something you don’t deserve. Turn your back on him and never think twice.

The guy with the substance abuse problem.

While drinking and partaking in drugs occasionally is every person’s right, it’s when it gets out of control and he doesn’t want to fix the problem that you need to take your leave. You’re not his babysitter and there’s only so many times you can get kicked out of a bar before you need to just send him packing by dropping off the face of the earth.

The guy who thinks racist and sexist jokes are funny.

Nope. Ghost. Now.

The guy who’s a flaming narcissist.

True story: Narcissists don’t change and narcissists will never give a damn about you because they believe they’re superior to you in ALL ways. This guy shouldn’t just be ghosted by just you, but by humanity as a whole. Auf wiedersehen, jerk.

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