His Terrible Texting Habits May Reveal What He Really Thinks Of You

Texting is an important form of communication, especially in the early stages when you are trying to get to know someone. The way you communicate through a phone often determines whether or not there could be a potential relationship. We all make excuses, but the harsh truth is if he really sucks at texting, he’s probably not worth the effort.

  1. He communicates only through emojis. Sending an emoji is the ultimate conversation killer. It either means that he’s useless at keeping a conversation going or he really wants to stop talking to you. In other words, you should stop wasting your time and move on to someone who can actually hold an interesting conversation for longer than a few minutes.
  2. He never sends any emojis. On the other hand, talking to someone who doesn’t use emojis at all feels a lot like talking to a robot. How are you supposed to get a grasp of someone’s personality if he’s only using full stops? There’s probably a reason why he’s being so blunt — he just isn’t interested.
  3. The responses are short and boring as hell. One-word replies are a clear indication that he has no intention of keeping the conversation alive — he wants it to end. When a man is interested, he’ll say almost anything just so he can keep talking to you. But if he’s sending you blunt responses like “haha,” or “yeah,” then take that as a hint and cut off contact. It’s a lucky escape — if he can’t maintain a conversation over texts, then he’s probably boring AF in person.
  4. He reads your messages but doesn’t reply. Ouch. He has his read receipts on, so you know the exact moment he has read your message but chose not to reply. This guy doesn’t have the courage to tell you he’s not interested, so instead, he’s given you not-so-subtle hints by completely ignoring your messages. Forget him!
  5. He only talks about himself. If his favorite topic is himself, start running. He doesn’t ask about your day or how you’re doing. He makes no effort to ask you any personal questions simply because he doesn’t care about getting to know you as a person since he knows he won’t be staying in your life. It’s likely that he’s only talking to you to boost his ego, and it’s better that you find out sooner than later.
  6. It takes a decade for him to reply. Even if he’s extremely busy and has a ton of stuff on his mind, he should at least send you a message to let you know what’s going on. But nope, you don’t hear from him for a couple of days and then he’s back again, acting like he hasn’t ghosted on you. Look, he’s taking you for granted and you deserve so, so much better.
  7. He only texts you at night. You don’t receive any ‘good morning’ texts because you’re not the first thing he’s thinking of in the morning. In fact, you’re probably very far down on his list of priorities if he only talks to you at night or when it’s convenient for him. Sure, it doesn’t mean that he’s not interested in you at all, but if he does hit you with a message late at night, then you know it’s for one reason only.
  8. He doesn’t notice when you haven’t spoken for a couple of days. While you’re counting the days you haven’t spoken to him, he’s moving on with his life without giving you a second thought. If he doesn’t check in to see how you’re doing or even try to initiate a conversation, it’s pretty clear he’s not interested in you anymore. It’s time to move on.
  9. He doesn’t double text — ever. Some people think that double texting is clingy or that it makes them look desperate, but double texting actually shows a genuine interest. A guy who is interested will throw the double-text rule out of the window just to let you know how much he likes you. So if he only sends you one message at a time, maybe he’s just not keen.
  10. You always initiate the conversation. When you are the one always trying to start a conversation, it’s pretty obvious that it’s one-sided. You want to talk to him every single day and find out more about him, but unfortunately, those feelings aren’t reciprocated — otherwise, he’d be putting in the effort. If a man is really interested in pursuing someone, he’s going to do all that it takes, but if he can’t be bothered to send you a message then he’s making his true feelings clear. Now you can move on and find someone who’s right for you.
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