H&M Is Renting Out Suits For Free For 24 Hours To Wear To Job Interviews

When you’re unemployed and desperately looking for work, it can be difficult to find the cash to buy smart, professional clothes to wear when meeting your potential new boss. Thankfully, guys don’t have to stress at the moment, as H&M is offering free suit rental for 24 hours so they have something to wear to job interviews. How cool is that?

  1. It’s all about boosting confidence. H&M’s new campaign, known as ONE/SECOND/SUIT, aims to help increase confidence for candidates going into job interviews by giving them something smart to wear. The service lets candidates book a suit, have it delivered, wear it to their job interview, and then return the suit for no cost within 24 hours. Pretty sweet!
  2. The idea was a collaboration between H&M and Uncommon Creative Studio. They’ve already launched it in the UK, as mentioned above, and it will be coming to the US on May 13. So far, it’s unclear how long the program will be available, but there’s no ending date, so this could be around long-term, which would be pretty awesome.
  3. This is such a great gesture by a major brand. As H&M says: “A suit isn’t an outfit. It’s confidence. A signal to the world and a reminder to yourself you’ve got what it takes.” They realize that it’s important to go into an interview feeling good about yourself and what you have to offer to a potential employer. If you’re confident in yourself, people will pick up on it and that can only be a good thing.
  4. They’ve even published some job interview tips in case you need them. In addition to allowing candidates to borrow suits for free for 24 hours, H&M also published a list of tips to help you perform your best in your interview. Those tips include making sure to turn up early so that you’re calm and collected when it’s time for your interview and testing your mic and camera if you’re doing an interview online. What an amazing program!
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