How To Tell If Your Good Boyfriend Would Be A Great Husband

You’ve been with your boyfriend for a while now and things are good. He treats you well, you’re crazy about each other, and you genuinely love each other’s company. However, if marriage is your ultimate goal, it’s time to take a look at your boyfriend and decide if he has the potential to be a great husband. He’s a few ways you can tell.

  1. He can handle his money. In a partnership, it is important for each of you to be financially responsible. If he spends each paycheck as fast as he gets it, you may have a problem saving for things like a house, a new car, or retirement. Does he borrow money from you? That could be the sign that he has a problem managing his own cash flow. Remember, at some point, your money will be his money too. Are you comfortable with that?
  2. He takes care of himself. If he eats nothing but fast food, he might not be too concerned with taking care of himself. If he never goes to the doctor, there will be health issues in the future. How can he take care of a home and a family if he can’t even take care of himself? In order to be the best husband for you, he needs to look after himself and his mental, emotional, and physical well-being.
  3. He’s generous. A man that knows how to give will always make a great husband. He isn’t afraid to give of his time, his love, his energy, or in bed! Sure, he probably likes receiving too which is only fair – there has to be some balance. However, he will never be accused of not thinking of you and your needs.
  4. He knows how to take the lead. When there are hard decisions to be made, he has no problem taking the lead in figuring out the best course of action. He won’t force his decisions on you but he’ll talk things out until you can come to a mutual conclusion. He doesn’t do things on his own. Your voice and your opinions matter to him. When something needs to be done, though, he will take the lead and get everyone involved to work together until it is complete.
  5. He can admit when he’s wrong. If your boyfriend isn’t so stubborn that he has to be right all the time, you may have found a winner in the future husband department. Finding a man who can admit when he is wrong is gold. Being able to own up to being wrong about something also means he’s more likely to learn from the experience, which is even better.
  6. He doesn’t hold a grudge. A man that understands when others make mistakes won’t keep a count of ways he has been wronged. It’s nice to know that he won’t bring up that fight you had when you called him that name. He’s able to forgive and for the most part, he forgets about it too.
  7. He’s level-headed. A man that flies of the handle can be scary. Temper tantrums and blow-ups can leave you feeling like you always have to be on your toes. Instead of screaming and yelling, he talks to you if there is a problem. You take the time to have a conversation and you work out whatever the problem might be. A level-headed boyfriend becomes a husband that stays calm and collected when things don’t go exactly as planned.
  8. He works on self-improvement. Your boyfriend is always working on some aspect of himself. It could be physical or mental. He reads books, works out, eats different foods, and tries new things. By working on himself, he becomes a stronger man, both in body and in mind.
  9. He supports you. When your boyfriend takes initiative to know what you are working on, he cares. He shows his support for your goals and dreams by listening, helping you plan, or making it easier for you to reach them. This man will be there for you when you decide to go for a promotion or run a marathon.

Marriage is a lot of hard work. There will be challenges and sometimes things will get really difficult and you’ll question whether you have what it takes to survive. If you want to know he has qualities of a good husband, this is a good starting point. Remember that not all men have had great role models. You don’t have to throw him back if he doesn’t have every one of these qualities. Maybe he’s working on them. You can be there for him as he develops these traits. Don’t forget that it goes both ways!

Danielle has been a freelance writer for 20+ years. She lives in Canada with her dog Rogue and drinks a lot if coffee.