How To Find A Sugar Daddy And Why This Is The Ideal Arrangement For Many Men And Women

Women who want to find a sugar daddy, or a man to take care of their material needs, are nothing new. It’s been happening for decades. It’s only recently that it has become more mainstream. While it was a bit taboo at one point, these days, it’s perfectly acceptable in many circles. Here are a few apps to help you find your sugar daddy match as well as some tips on how to go about the process.

  1. Seeking This is one of the most popular sites for finding a sugar daddy today. Whether you’re looking to just date or hoping to find something long-term, you’re likely to find what you’re looking for here.  It’s free for sugar babies to sign up and you can enjoy messaging, video chat and other features.
  2. Miss Travel If you want to travel around the world with handsome rich men who will pay for everything, this site is for you. Meet interesting, successful men and enjoy the sites of a new country. Daddies can “create a trip” to appeal to sugar babies.
  3. What’s Your Price? This site is unique because it’s very upfront about the importance of money. How? There’s a bidding feature. The sugar baby gives a starting bid and can influence bids by doing things like suggesting dating activity. The focus is on dating, but one date can lead to an ongoing sugar dating relationship.
  4. Rich Meet Beautiful This is an impressive site to be on if you hope to turn your sugar daddy dating relationship into something more long-term, even marriage. Questionnaires help match you with potential dates. There’s a high degree of safety protocols on the site, too.
  5. Sugar daddy Meet. This site verifies the wealth of male members to ensure that there is less chance of scamming. There is a high ratio of men to women. With over 4 million members, there’s a good chance of meeting someone. They even encourage first dat gifts.
  6. Elite Singles. This site isn’t exclusively for sugar daddy relationships, but there are many who find success on the site. The men are successful and well-educated, with up to 80% having college degrees.
  7. Established Men. This site recommends the men should be established, even if not rich. Moderators monitor activity on the site to eliminate scammers as quickly as possible. Verification photos may be required.
  8. Sugar Daddie. This site has been around since 2002, so that speaks volumes. With almost 20 years of experience in matching Sugar Daddies with beautiful women, it’s one of the biggest sites for this purpose today. They focus on long-term relationships.
  9. Before you begin looking, set your boundaries. If you want to set up a profile on one or more of these dating sites to find a sugar daddy, there’s a few things you can do to increase your chances of finding one. Remember, this is all about him and his needs. You’re not looking for a boyfriend. That doesn’t mean you have to do absolutely anything he asks.
  10. Decide what you are willing to do or not do. Be clear about this in your profile. If you won’t have sex on the first date, let potential Daddies know. If you’re specifically looking for someone to take you on trips, include that in your profile. Make sure your profile is as clear as possible. Never say that you’re open to anything.
  11. Once your profile is set up, be prepared to spend time messaging and chatting. Not every sugar daddy is going to be right for you, and you’re not going to be everyone’s type. Take time to get to know each other for a few days. Don’t let the chatting period go on for too long, though. Encourage him to set up a date soon. Be safe. Let someone know where you are and don’t go to his place on the first date. And remember, your time is valuable, so gifts or money can be part of your first date deal.
  12. Treat your sugar daddy like a human being because he is one. Sugar dating works for a lot of people, especially for men who have a lot of money and little time. Often, rich and wealthy men are working a lot and they aren’t able to dedicate time to a relationship. They often want someone to talk to, cuddle with, or even take out to events and dinners, though. Sugar Daddies just want the same things anyone else does and they realize that relationships are not the only way to get that.
  13. For women that become sugar babies, it gives them the chance to live a life they might be able to otherwise. They are still in charge of their own lives, but they don’t have to give up more time or money than they want to in order to enjoy the good things in life

Sugar Daddy and sugar baby relationships work well for many people. It’s a matter of choosing their priorities and making it work for them.

Danielle has been a freelance writer for 20+ years. She lives in Canada with her dog Rogue and drinks a lot if coffee.