How To Make A Guy Miss You When You’re In A Long-Distance Relationship

Long-distance relationships can leave you feeling disconnected from your partner or worrying that they don’t miss you. You might even have trouble keeping the spark alive. How do you know he wishes he was with you as much as you want to be with him? Here’s how to make a guy miss you when you’re in a long-distance relationship!.

  1. Tell him about your adventures. You might miss your partner, but that’s no reason not to use your time to have fun. Hang out with friends, go somewhere you’ve never been, or take a trip to your favorite park or local attraction. Then tell the guy in your life all about the adventures you’ve been on! He’ll wish he’d been right there with you.
  2. Send him gifts. Mail gifts to your partner and he’ll feel loved, which in turn will make him wish he was back with you. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on gifts to make this happen. In fact, it’s often handmade or simple gifts filled with memories and love that do the trick best. Make him a CD or playlist of all the songs you both loved, handmake or customize things he can use, or send little trinkets that make you think of him.
  3. Don’t be excessive with communication. It’s easy to want to talk to someone non-stop when you miss them. For some guys, if you really want them to miss you, you’ll have to balance out your communication. Don’t text 24/7, don’t reply to each of his messages within seconds, and don’t drop everything to be available for a potential call. Wait it out a little bit and he’ll miss you first and initiate instead.
  4. Don’t be too active on social media. When you’re posting constantly on social media, you’re giving your partner a very easy way to keep himself up-to-date on your life. If he knows everything from Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, or Facebook, he won’t feel the need to ask about what you’ve been up to. Keep some things to yourself until you get to tell him about them!
  5. Fill your time well. This isn’t so much a direct method of making him miss you as it is one that can indirectly change a dynamic. If you spend your time sad that he isn’t around, you’re more likely to cling to every correspondence and stop having your own life. But filling your own time well gives you more things to talk about, keeps your mind strong and positive so you don’t want to constantly call or text, and allows you to continue working on your own life. He’ll love your independence and miss you while you’re occupied.
  6. Use old-fashioned communication methods. We can’t deny the convenience of technology, but we also can’t discount that slower, more old-fashioned communication methods have romance to them. Instead of telling him everything in your life in one go, write him letters that contain information you haven’t told him while texting or calling. Send these letters at a semi-regular schedule and he’ll start looking forward to them all the time. For an extra touch that’ll really get him missing you, spray the letter with your perfume, leave a kiss mark, attach a picture of yourself, or add a very small gift to the envelope.
  7. Send him pictures of you. Many men are very visual and enjoy pictures over descriptions. Send him pictures of you and you’re sure to make him wish he was with you. These pictures can just be cute or pretty ones that show off your beauty or of you and friends hanging out or doing fun things, or of something cool you saw, or even of yourself in a sensual position or outfit!
  8. Keep complimenting him. Sadly, a lot of men don’t get compliments in their everyday life – and let’s face it, your man deserves to feel good about himself! Compliment the pictures he sends you, his accomplishments, and things about him that you love. He’ll feel very appreciative and will want to be even closer to you. Just make sure you’re giving genuine compliments!
  9. Listen and be involved. When your partner talks about his life where he is, talks about how he’s feeling or shares anything with you long-distance, make sure you’re listening and making him feel heard. If he wants your input, provide it. Then, remember the things he talks about and follow up on them later. Combined, all these factors will remind him what an amazing partner you are, and he’ll miss you even more for it.
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